Weihai women’s menstruation is irregular, and she is not pregnant. Mother -in -law: Why are you so difficult to serve?

Ms. Zhao and his wife in Weihai have been married for 3 years. The couple have never been able to get on their children, and Ms. Zhao’s menstruation is not very regular.I ca n’t do it. My mother -in -law said that she was too delicate. How can I get pregnant?

In order to be able to go to the child smoothly, Ms. Zhao did not eat the supplements that had been used for conditioning, but time passed a little bit, or there was no movement of pregnancy. The couple are really anxious now. Even her mother -in -law said that Ms. Zhao was difficultWaiting, how can their daughter -in -law be so difficult.Although this is very mild, Ms. Zhao, who is infertile and sad, is as straight as a knife, making her sad and ashamed.

But the child can’t don’t do it. If you spend more money, you have to look good.There was no effect on local treatment. The couple went to Qingdao again. The doctor said that Ms. Zhao had polycystic ovary. It was still no effect after taking medicine to regulate. The couple really felt desperate.At this time, a distance from a distance recommended them to Jinan to check, so that the two came to Jinan.

I took them to them. After detailed consultation and examination of the two, I found that there were no problems with the man, but Ms. Zhao had two major problems: polycystic ovary syndrome and endometriosis.The situation of dysmenorrhea has a lot to do with internal diseases.

The incidence of endometriosis is very high. It can be said that almost one of the 10 people is internal disease, and the specific cause of the onset has not yet figured it out. Some people may suffer from menstruation for the first time in adolescence.After the internal disease, the symptoms were slightly mild at first, and then gradually appeared.

There are basically dysmenorrhea with internal diseases. Maybe there was no dysmenorrhea during menstruation, but dysmenorrhea occurred after a certain menstruation.The dysmenorrhea can occur before menstruation, menstruation and after menstruation.Some dysmenorrhea is more unbearable. It requires bed rest or uses medicine to relieve pain, and pain often worsen with menstrual cycle.In addition, there is endometriosis, and the amount of menstruation often increases, and the menstrual period will be extended.

For her situation, I adopted a laparoscopic surgery in the abdominal mirror to remove the abnormal lesions in the pelvic cavity, and the situation of the polycystic conditioned by short -acting contraceptives should be used to regulate therogens level and reduce therogens. This is conducive to the development of folliclesThe problem of insulin resistance is cited with two -meta and dual -tadpoles, which can also cooperate with weight loss, which is very helpful for pregnancy.

After three months of comprehensive conditioning, her endocrine level was close to normal when she was reviewed, and I gave her the treatment for her, because the preliminary conditioning work was done well.The lady was pregnant.I have always been in contact with them throughout pregnancy. I have answered any questions in time. Now the most dangerous early pregnancy has passed, and the good news of their children’s birth!

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