What about hemorrhoids during pregnancy?Experts help you comprehensively analyze

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Pregnant women often have many physical problems. For example, during pregnancy, many people suffer from hemorrhoids. This disease is very tortured. About 70 % of pregnant women may have been attacked by hemorrhoids.Literally, although hemorrhoids are "hemorrhoids", they are actually veins.Because the rectum does not have venous valve, it makes it difficult for the blood to return smoothly. The blood stasis will cause the venous plexus blood vessels to protrude and curl. If it is stimulated by the outside world during pregnancy, it will further promote the formation of hemorrhoids.So why do you suffer from hemorrhoids during pregnancy?What about hemorrhoids during pregnancy?Experts help you comprehensively analyze.

Pregnant women’s hemorrhoids generally appear in the third trimester. This is because as the fetus grows day by day, the pregnant woman’s uterus is swollen, and then the vein is compressed, causing the blood flow to be blocked.Coupled with the increase in blood supply in the pelvic cavity during pregnancy, the pelvic tissue is relaxed, which has prompted the occurrence and aggravation of hemorrhoids.In addition, because the rectal anus is oppressed and blood stagnation is stagnant, which can also cause hemorrhoids.

Uterine squeeze

The huge uterus during pregnancy will squeeze the pelvic cavity, and the venous pressure of the original pregnant woman is relatively high, and the blood vessels become relaxed, which makes the blood flow back to the lower body slow down and it is more difficult to return to the heart.Essence

Increased ketone increase

The increasing progesterone in the body is also one of the causes, which will make the venous blood vessel elasticity decline sharply, which is very easy to induce vein dilation.


During pregnancy, women’s gastrointestinal function is not good and easy to stool. Once the defecation is not smooth, it will work hard, and then increase the venous pressure near the anus and further exacerbate hemorrhoids.

Old disease

If you have this disease before pregnancy, the possibility of recurrence of old diseases during pregnancy will increase, and it will even be more serious.

There are still many factors that suffer from hemorrhoids during pregnancy, and it is necessary to actively solve it when it happens.So, how to treat hemorrhoids during pregnancy?

Women who have hemorrhoids themselves before pregnancy are more likely to aggravate the symptoms of hemorrhoids with the arrival of pregnancy.The hemorrhoids during pregnancy are generally recommended for conservative therapy, and it is not advisable to take drug treatment.In principle, it is recommended that food therapy is mainly based on food therapy.

Spinach fried pig blood

Materials: 300 grams of spinach, 25 grams of ginger, 100 grams of pig blood, 2 grams of refined salt, 15 ml of soy sauce, and appropriate amount of condiments.

Method: First, wash the spinach and cut into a 5 cm segment, then put it in the roller and simmer for two minutes, remove the oxalic acid, drain the water and put it for later use, then wash the pig blood and stir in the oil pan, then remove it out of the oil pan, then remove it out.Stir with spinach, ginger shredded, refined salt, soy sauce and other condiments.

Women during pregnancy are not only conducive to preventing hemorrhoids, but also more importantly to help prevent pregnancy diabetes and pregnancy hypertension.

Rice vinegar boiled sheep blood

Materials: 200 grams of sheep blood, rice vinegar, edible salt and other appropriate amount.

Method: Cut the sheep blood into small pieces first, then cook with rice vinegar, and season with edible salt.

This soup has the effects of turning stasis and hemostasis, which is especially suitable for bleeding caused by internal hemorrhoids, pain in the stool.

Sugar stewed fish belly

Materials: about 25 grams of fish belly and 50 grams of white sugar.

Method: First clean the fish belly and put it in a casserole with white granulated sugar. Add water and simmer.

This soup has the effect of nourishing kidney and essence, and also has the effects of preventing hemorrhoids. It is recommended that pregnant women with hemorrhoids can take it daily.

In addition, for expectant mothers who have severe hemorrhoids during pregnancy, they can also use intestinal laxative drugs under the guidance and suggestions of doctors, or use local traditional Chinese medicine hemorrhoids to wash the cubes, or use topical drugs.Of course, you must also pay special attention to developing scientific eating habits. Properly eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, especially eating more cellulose.For example, leek, coriander, banana, bamboo shoots, pears, etc. In addition, pay attention to replenishing more water to reduce eating various spicy foods.Finally, you must exercise appropriately to avoid sedentary, good health habits, and so on.

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