What age is suitable for Ejiao?These 4 ways to eat, I believe you have never tried

It is winter, and winter is also a season for many women. Although there are many maintenance methods, Ejiao has become the first choice standard. Eating Ejiao for a long time is conducive to health. It also has a certain beauty effect.What age is suitable for people to eat?Or what physical condition is suitable for people?

For example, for some women with insufficient blood and irregular menstruation, people who often appear in their daily life can eat them. After a period of time, they can not only supplement qi and blood, but also improve a certain dysmenorrhea.

In addition, it can also improve the skin condition. For children, Ejiao cake effects are applicable. Ejiao cake not only has a good effect of nourishing blood, but also contains other things in Ejiao cakes, such as peanuts, walnuts, etc. can be eaten more.Make your head smarter.However, doctors suggest that children are better over nine years old.

There are some taboos and attention when eating Ejiao. So, how can women eat Ejiao to play a better effect?

1. Make it into gelatin porridge

Its approach is: only need to prepare glutinous rice and Ejiao, the ratio of glutinous rice and Ejiao is 10: 1.Then just like the normal method of boiling porridge. When the porridge is cooked, finally add the prepared Ejiao, and you can eat it after stirring.At the same time, it should be noted that eating it sooner or later is the best, which can play a role in increasing life.

2. Ejiao Milk Drink

The practice of Ejiao milk drinks is particularly simple. Just put the prepared Ejiao into the milk and the two are good.In addition to the effect of calcium supplementation, it also has the effect of moisturizing the lungs.In addition, of course, you can also add other things according to your own ideas.

3. Ejiao rice wine

The practice of Ejiao rice wine is also relatively simple. As long as you use rice wine to soak Ejiao, but you need to melt wait for Ejiao to eat.For most people.This is a good way.Not only can play a role in nourishing blood, but also the probability of blood deficiency.

Fourth, Ejiao pear honey soup

Its approach is more complicated than the above. The first step is to prepare the pear and cut it into a piece faster. The second step is to put Ejiao into the cooked water. The third step ismelt.In the last step, put some honey and rock sugar according to your preference.

First, doctors emphasize that when taking Ejiao medicine, 3 ~ 9 grams is the best, and it is best to eat it before meals, but for people with special constitutions, they should take it in the guidance of a special doctor.

Second, because the East Ejiao belongs to a relatively mild attribute, it can be used not only as medicine, but also for it. It is very suitable for a long -term nourishing product.

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