What are the benefits of eating Yuting for women?What are the side effects of taking emergency contraceptives frequently

Yuting is an emergency contraceptive, because of its small side effects and good contraceptive effects, it is regarded as a commonly used emergency contraceptive measure.

Yuting’s contraceptive mechanism is to inhibit ovarian ovulation and tissue fertilized eggs in the inner wall of the uterus. By increasing the concentration of cervical mucus, the sperm penetration strength is increased, and the possibility of sperm reaches the eggs to achieve the effect of contraception.It can be said that through three levels, the entire process of fertilization is considered from the source to the end, and it has taken into account and implemented some organizational measures. Therefore, Yuting’s contraceptive effect is very good.

So, what are the benefits of eating Yuting contraception?

First of all, Yuting is an emergency contraceptive pill. It does not need to have a long period of effect without contraceptive or conventional contraceptive methods, which can play the effect in the short term.Can avoid women in a passive and helpless state after accidents, but can protect themselves through certain means.

Secondly, although Yu Ting takes better, the better, it is still effective within 72 hours after sex.Therefore, it can bring convenience to many careless people.

Furthermore, it is also learned from the above analysis. Yuting has set up a level in all aspects of conception. Therefore, it has the probability of successful contraception to 98 %.Such a high success rate can bring a great guarantee to women.

However, it is three -point poisonous medicine, not to mention this kind of drug -like special effects.Let’s take a look at what side effects of eating Yuting to women.

(1) Physical discomfort

After taking it, it will bring a lot of physical discomfort to women, such as headaches, nausea, vomiting, breast pain, fatigue, and so on.These symptoms are mild or severe, and they can generally disappear within 24 hours, but they may also be very serious and need the help of doctors to improve.

(2) Menstrual disorders

In the month of taking, women’s menstrual cycles are likely to change. If it cannot be conditioned, it will even affect the hormone secretion of women in the next period of time, which will affect other aspects of women.

(3) Extrace The pregnancy

Because the medicine makes it difficult for the fertilized eggs to penetrate the mucus into the uterus, and cannot be bed in the uterus.Therefore, fertilized eggs are easily dangerous in other places, such as in the fallopian tubes, and starting to grow and develop. This may cause women to suffer from life danger due to the big bleeding of fallopian tubes.

Here, it is recommended that women love themselves and do not casually have sexual relationships with men. When they have a relationship with sexual partners with stable relationships, they must take contraceptive measures, such as letting men wear condoms, women take long -term contraceptives, etc.EssenceDon’t put yourself in a dangerous situation because of a moment of great intention.

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