What are the causes of brown secretions during pregnancy during pregnancy, what should I do?

Pregnant mothers usually have abdominal pain, chest bloating, and occasional bleeding, but it is not normal to have brown secretions. In the end, brown secretions affect the continued development of the fetus? Let’s take a look at early pregnancy.What is brown secretion?

1. Mild vaginal bleeding

We are also called implanted bleeding.Don’t feel normal. Normally, only when there are few brown secretions. If there are too much bleeding, you must go to the hospital. If the child flows off, you don’t know.

2. Extra -palace pregnancy

Extra -gynecological pregnancy means that your fertilized eggs enter the place where it is not the uterus, and is generally in the fallopian tube and other places. In this case, brown discharge may occur. The situation is serious and you need to see a doctor immediately.

3. Inflammation infection

Pelvic inflammation, vaginitis and other inflammation infection can also make leucorrhea more, and then brown, not blood.Whether you are infected with inflammation during pregnancy depends on what your attending doctor says, do not take the medicine yourself, otherwise it will have a miscarriage.

4. Other reasons

Hormones, hormones, cervical polyps, uterine fibroids, etc. can cause brown discharge.

Speaking of the focus, what should I do if brown secretions occur during early pregnancy?

In fact, there are no problems with extra -pregnancy, uterine fibroids, etc. when pregnant mothers are pregnant, so brown secretions in early pregnancy are generally signs of abortion. At this time, you should go to the hospital for examination.EssenceIf you can keep your fetus, you can protect your fetus, but after a period of treatment, there is still no effect, then artificial abortion, pay attention to artificial abortion, including drug flow and abortion.

Let’s take a look at this stage of brown discharge, what should pregnant mothers do?

1. See how much brown discharge is.Pay attention to how much brown secretions are at any time, whether the amount is large or very small. If it is abnormal, go to the hospital for examination at any time.

2. It doesn’t hurt to look at the stomach.If the stomach is painful and the artificial adjustment is still not improved, then you need to go to the hospital for examination.If abdominal pain is also accompanied by brown discharge, it must be more to go to the hospital for examination.

3. Take a good rest.Brown secretions generally show signs of miscarriage, so at this time there must be too much activity, otherwise it will exacerbate the discharge of the secretions, and there must be a avoidance of the same room. OtherwiseQuick, miscarriage will be more serious.

Reminder: In fact, a small amount of brown discharge generally appears is normal, if it disappears in a few days.However, in addition to brown secretions, there will be other colors of secretions. Generally, there are no pain, so it is often ignored by pregnant mothers, so it is important to check on time.All kinds of projects need to be done in all kinds of projects. You ca n’t care about your baby and your own safety for saving money. If you do n’t care about yourself at this time, who can care more about you?

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