What are the characteristics of "difficulty in pregnancy"?Those who are preparing for pregnancy, understand early

Pregnancy and having children are a major thing for each family. Now people pay attention to eugenics and breeding. This is why many young people pay attention to pregnancy, but there are always some families who encounter some headaches during pregnancy.His days are often pregnant, making people jealous and hate.

Colleagues Xiao Zhang belongs to the kind of pregnancy -prone physique. Other colleagues have prepared for pregnancy and have not conceived their babies for a year, but he was pregnant 3 times in this year, and his colleagues enviously red eyes. Xiao Zhang said that he said himself.It is also very distressed, and every time I take a good measure, but for her physique, it seems that it does not work.Some women are born with pregnancy, but some women are different.What are the characteristics of difficult pregnancy?Those who are preparing for pregnancy will understand earlier.

The first point, irregular menstrual women

Women with irregular menstrual periods have different menstruation each time, and the menstrual period is very disordered, indicating that your ovulation period is irregular, so the probability of conception is relatively small. Generally, the menstrual period of women is about 21 to 35 days.Most women’s menstrual cycles are about 28 days, so some women will feel that their menstrual period is advanced.35 days, it is likely that there is a problem with the ovaries, which is not conducive to women’s conception.

Second, women who are not standardized

For those who want to get pregnant, it is a good thing to be overweight or too thin, because people’s weight will affect the endocrine of the body, leading to disorders of human endocrine, which will affect people’s egg emissions, affect the health of the eggs, the health of the eggs, and the health of the eggs.Degree, so normal women’s body fat rate should be maintained between 20 and 30%. You can refer to your own BMI index. It is a reasonable body between 19 and 24.For the phenomenon, more hormones secreted by the human brain, which will affect the ovulation of the person. If the weight is overweight, it will affect the endocrine of the person and not conducive to conception.

Third, women with more abortion times

In fact, the most severe damage to women is abortion. After abortion, women’s uterus is greatly traumatized. The endometrium will become thinner and thinner because of the number of abortion.It is very difficult. Therefore, young people, if they do not want children, must take protective measures, so as to avoid abandoning small lives and hurting their bodies.Women’s uterine environment affects the probability of their pregnancy, especially whether the fallopian tubes are unobstructed. Many women are infertile due to fallopian tubes, so they do a good job of physical examination before preparing for pregnancy. Healthy pregnancy is important.

The fourth point, the better birth period of missing the best fertility age is between the age of 24 and 30, and the best fertility age of men is between 25 and 35 years old. If there is a child within this time period,It will be a little easier, but it is not easy to conceive children in the age, and the quality of fertilized eggs is not as good as before, so if you want to have children, you must choose to be the best age.

We know that women’s menstruation and suspension are an important symbol of pregnancy. Some are more sensitive. Pregnant mothers will have pregnancy vomiting in the early pregnancy, but they know very little about other pregnancy performance.Based on the basis, there are also four phenomena, which is very likely to pregnancy. It is well known.

1. The temperature of the body is not high. During the pregnancy period, the basal body temperature is relatively stable, and there will be no big ups and downs. It will not change before and after ovulation. It may be slightly lower before ovulation.However, compared with normal body temperature, it is 0.3 to 0.5 degrees, so the habit of measuring the body temperature at any time during pregnancy.It’s right.

2. If you go to the toilet during the day, the frequency will increase. The prospective mothers who have a successful pregnancy will have frequent urination, because the uterine blood recharge is compressed to the bladder, causing the urine storage to decline, which will cause frequent urination. At this time, menstruation is delayed.It is possible to get pregnant. At this time, pay attention to urinary tract infections, do a good job of cleaning and hygiene to avoid endangering fetal health.

3. Breast swelling and pain, deepen the color, the prospective mothers who have successfully prepared pregnancy will have the phenomenon of secondary breast development, and they will also feel the breast swelling and tingling, the color of the breast is deepened, and the scope will gradually expand.The preparation response made by infertility after birth, the breast tissue is sufficient to strengthen the blood supply, making development more perfect.

4, drowsiness, fatigue, drowsiness in early pregnancy, fatigue is also a typical phenomenon, because the hormone level in the body changes after conception. The mental state will be much lower than before pregnancy.Hobbies, can’t afford the spirit, this is a manifestation of successful pregnancy.

Anyway?Early pregnancy phenomena are all as a reference for expectant mothers, nor can they not get pregnant again. If they are not sure to go to the hospital for examination in time, I hope that all women are healthy during pregnancy and have healthy babies.

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