What are the dangers of drug flow?

Many female friends are often busy with work, and sometimes they do not intend to ask for babies when they are pregnant. Some people will definitely choose some surgery methods to do abortion, but some people may choose the way of drugs.Do you know about miscarriage?What are the dangers of this drug flow?If you don’t want your baby, what should you do?

Second, know what is drug abortion (drug flow)?

Medica abortion is also called drug flow. Pharmaceutical anti -early pregnancy means that there is no need to surgery in the early pregnancy, and the method of giving an injection or taking medicine to achieve artificial abortion.Drug flow means that there is no need to surgery in the early pregnancy, and use an injection or medication to achieve artificial abortion.Applying drugs to end pregnancy is the latest development in the past 20 years.The current commonly used drugs are combined with Mepitone (RU486) and prostaglandin. The former brings uterine molt degeneration necrosis and cervix softening.The drug flow is simple, effective, and invasive.It is currently used for pregnancy within 7 weeks.

Again, "drug flow" is easy to cause physical damage?

Causes infection: After women taking anti-pregnancy drugs, the embryo tissue in the uterine cavity can be discharged on the same day. Sometimes the pregnancy tissue fabrics are discharged in incomplete, the uterine membrane is not good, and the vaginal bleeding time is long, which can last for 2-3 weeks, or even 1 or even 1-2 months.Long -term chronic blood loss can cause anemia and reduce physical resistance.At this time, bacteria are often retrograde by the vagina, causing endometriosis.

Incantant miscarriage: Some women due to incomplete abortion after medication, which affects uterine contraction and the repair of endometrial wound, which increases the vaginal bleeding volume significantly, exceeding 2-3 times the usual menstrual flow.Anemia, shock, at this time, blood transfusion and emergency surgery curettage to stop bleeding.

Affected normal pregnancy: If unmarried women, such as repeated pregnancy and repeated abortion, can cause endometrial repeated damage.Due to the damage of the endometrium, once they need normal pregnancy, they are prone to prefabricated placenta, which can cause bleeding before childbirth. Some women also have habitual abortion due to multiple abortion.

Menstrual disorders: Pregnancy resistance can inhibit the function of the ovarian, affect the growth and development of follicles or even ovulation.After the abortion of individual women, menstruation can occur, which can occur as shortened or extended the menstrual cycle and increased menstrual flow.

Drugs and centers (drug flow) are not applicable to everyone

Some patients believe that the hemorrhage of bleeding from the treatment of drugs is not pure, as long as the hemostatic drugs such as Anluo blood and hemostasis are taken.Unexpectedly, it did not achieve the expected effect.Because hematopoietic drugs are achieved by changing the bleeding mechanism in the body, and the residues in the uterine cavity cannot be discharged from the body, so they cannot fundamentally solve the problem.

Only when the embryo tissue in the uterine cavity is basically discharged and the uterine contraction is good, the bleeding stops.It is worth noting that women with abortion sometimes suddenly increase significantly bleeding, which may be several times the amount of menstrual flow, accompanied by large blood clots.Take a doctor and take the clearing of the palace to stop bleeding.

Due to the long period of bleeding of the drug flow and the cervix, the cervix will provide opportunities for the breeding and retrograde infection of bacteria.Therefore, if vaginal bleeding is more than 7 days, antibiotics should be taken for 3-5 days to prevent infection.

Regardless of the method of surgery or the method of drug flow, the damage to our physical damage is really very large, so if there is no intended to be a baby, everyone should still take some safety measures, because this is because of thisIf you do n’t hurt our body, we should choose according to the doctor’s advice. Mistration is the best way.

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