What are the effects of peppercorns to feed pigs?The wonderful use of peppercorns in pigs, now I know it is not too late

As a common condiment, peppercorns are low in cost, but in pig farming, they can often play unexpected effects. Many times they can help farmers save a lot of costs.So what are the effects of peppercorns in feeding pigs?Let’s talk about this topic today, you can refer to it.

1. Spleen appetizing

Pepper can have the effect of strengthening the spleen and appetizers. For example, 5 grams of peppercorns are grinded into powder, and then 250 grams of hawthorn and appropriate amount of water are added., Can improve the appetite of pigs.However, if pigs are not eaten because of some diseases, they need to treat pigs first, and then they can be used: opening food is too guaranteed to promote the effect of pigs to recover appetite.

2. Treatment of tapeworm disease

If there are tapeworms in the pig’s body, you can fry the appropriate amount of peppercorns with sesame and feed the pig after cooling, which can play a good treatment role.However, if pigs are more serious, you need to use insect repellent more effective. It can be used: Ajacomazoleinin powder. After removing insects for pigs, you need to do a good job of disinfection and cleaning up the house., Avoid parasitic eggs infected with pigs again. Disinfection can be used: non -Cait Pacific Insurance, the disinfection effect is better.

3. Prevent constipation

Pepper has the effect of promoting gastrointestinal motility. Sow is easy to constipation after pregnancy. At this time, you can crush the peppercorns into powder. Take 5 grams for the sows every day.Relieve the effect of sow constipation.In addition, after the sow is pregnant, we can also use it for sow: the mother animal is too guaranteed to condition the body to ensure that the sows can be successfully produced.

4. Treatment of pig urine

If pigs have closed urine, you can use 15 grams of pepper and 100 grams of red beans, 150 grams of mung beans to mix them together torture into juice and pour the pigs. This will have a good effect for a few days in a row. Of course, you should also pay attention to the pigs.Make up to avoid similar situations.

The above is the wonderful use of peppercorns in the pig farm. In actual breeding, pig farmers can usually use peppercorns to prevent some problems. However, if the pig is really sick, it is better to choose drug treatment.

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