What are the good chickens, there will be so many "fans"?Just see you know

Chicken is the most popular among all poultry. Compared with other poultry, chickens have the highest degree of edibleness, and there are not a few people who like chicken.Young chicken can not only be viewed by people, but also as a pet, and is loved by children; growing up and mature chickens can provide the function of reporting time, but also provide the family with a steady stream of eggs.After cooking different patterns, chickens can also become one of the most indispensable delicious dishes on the dining table of every family.

For most Chinese people, chicken and chicken soup have always been the best choice for supplementing their bodies. Everyone knows that there are many types of chickens, and among many types of chickens, there is one of them standing out very early and suffering.Everyone’s love, this kind of chicken is called black bone chicken, and the black bone chicken is called a black chicken. Compared with other chickens, the black chicken’s feathers are more fluffy and the body shape is relatively small.blue-green.Most chicken’s toes are four toes, but the black chicken’s feet are not only five toes, but also gross.Of course, the most obvious feature is to count its color, just as its name, the skin and flesh of the black chicken are black.

The smell of black chicken is indeed better than other chicken flavors, because in chicken, there is a substance with flavored nucleotide, which is the key to determining the taste of the chicken.The accumulation of flavored nucleotides in chicken is closely related to the growth period of the chicken itself. Because the growth period of black chicken is longer than other chickens, there are more accumulated flavor nucleotides. Therefore, whether it is black chicken or black chicken soupThe taste is stronger and more delicious than other chickens.

It is precisely because the black chicken has a long period of growth, so the collagen content and elastic protein content in black chicken are higher, which increases the toughness of the black chicken. People eat more.Compared with the black chicken, the deliciousness is not a little bit.

The reason why it has such a high reputation is not just because of its deliciousness. Most people value its nutritional value.In the body of the black chicken, in addition to high -quality protein content and abundant trace elements, fat content and cholesterol content are also lower.

For the majority of middle -aged and elderly and sick patients, the daily diet in life needs to pay special attention, and the meat you eat must be restricted, but chicken is a more recommended meat variety for doctors and nutritionists.When eating black chicken, you can supplement your body’s nutrition, and you don’t have to worry about the rise in cholesterol and fat. For most people, black chicken is a rare food.

Although the black chicken is regarded as a baby in China, it is another situation in foreign countries, just like Chinese pine eggs, tea eggs and other specialties have been passed on to foreign countries, but everyone has been rejected. Many foreigners have questioned.How can the ugly appearance be so fragrant!

On the side of Xiaobian, the price of black chickens is much higher than that of ordinary chickens, but there are still a lot of buying it, so it can be imagined.

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