What are the medical examination items before pregnancy?

Although there are no hard regulations for medical examinations before pregnancy.But for the baby’s health and growth in the future.Pre -pregnancy medical examinations also have certain necessity and importance.Pre -pregnancy medical examination can help expectant dads and expectant mothers pregnant in the best state, and can also reduce complications during pregnancy and fetal malformations caused by some genetic diseases or fetal malformations caused by other factors.Many couples do not have pre -pregnancy medical examinations.Then cause fetal malformation during pregnancy, or various physical defects.Such as: rabbit lips, congenital heart disease, cleft lip and palate.No matter whether it is a child of childbearing age or a childlike age, there will be some problems in reproductive systems, so for the healthy growth of the baby in the future, the prospective father and prospective mother must pay attention to pre -pregnancy medical examinations.However, it should be noted that general medical examinations cannot replace pre -pregnancy medical examinations.General medical examinations are mainly physical examinations, and it cannot make effective judgments on whether it is suitable for pregnancy.However, he includes general medical examinations before pregnancy, which is more targeted. It mainly detects the reproductive organs and related immune systems, and the history of genetic and medical history.These tests can all be able to detect various unfavorable factors that should not be pregnant or need to delay pregnancy.With the rapid development of modern medical technology, not only expectant mothers have to do pre -pregnancy medical examinations, but prospective dad also has these projects before pregnancy.Compared to the number of pre -pregnancy examination items for expectant mothers, there are fewer prospective dads to bred a healthy and beautiful baby.Only when the husband and wife pay together can they be harvested.The point is which projects need to be done during pregnancy?Let’s take a look with me now.

1. Reproductive system inspection

This project is mainly to check the genital problems.Check if the penis has an abnormally erection.Is the foreskin too long or or not.Whether the scrotum has testicular hydrocele and scrotal elephant enlargement.Is there any tenderness in testicular texture?Is both sides equal?Is the size normal?The dual sides of the epididymis.Whether or not nodules, tenderness and other symptoms.The last check is the sperm cable. Whether the thickness of the fallopian tube has a nodule, and whether there is a heart -natured vasal tubal defect, such as: check whether the gold has an iconic vein.But pay attention to whether there are bisexual deformities for groin hernia.If necessary, anal examination and prostate and seminal vessels are required.

The above focuses on observing whether its development is consistent with age.There are abnormally deformed and whether it can be corrected by surgery.Through this examination, it can exclude the diseases of the reproductive organs, as well as infection of reproductive tract, and hidden dangers of sexually transmitted diseases.If one party has a reproductive and urinary system infection, it should be cured before preparing for pregnancy.

Second, genetic disease examination

The prospective father is best to conduct chromosomal abnormal testing with the expectant mothers to detect genetic diseases to avoid the healthy development and fertility of the fetus in the later stage.

Genetic diseases are the genetic disease of a family.It is a disease passed to the next generation from the previous generation, and the next generation is passed on to the next generation.Genetic diseases often make us very troublesome. We can be said to be helpless about genetic diseases.However, in order to bred the healthy growth of the next generation of babies, the diagnosis of genetic diseases is also more concerned about us.The main methods of genetic disease diagnosis are: (1) Family survey

For two or more patients with similar diseases and compatriots in the same age, they should be considered as genetic diseases.This song has to be prospective and prospective mother to pay more attention to whether there is a genetic disease in their family.

(2) Biochemical examination

Many nervous system genetic diseases have lack of protein or enzymes.Therefore, biochemical examination is very important for the diagnosis of genetic diseases of the nervous system.The full set of biochemicals is mainly blood testing, and it requires an empty stomach, otherwise it will affect the results of the examination. Among them, there are a series of examinations such as liver function, renal function, blood lipids and blood sugar.

Generally, it can be made after blood drawing, and it should usually develop good living habits.Pay attention to rest, avoid excessive fatigue, and healthy diet.The prospective father and expectant mother can eat more foods rich in vitamins and high -quality protein, so as to ensure that a full set of biochemical checks belong to the normal range.But remember to avoid taking medicine casually.

(3) Cytology examination

Cytological examination is to picture the shed cells, and then observe the form under the microscope.Cytology tests have the advantages of non -invasiveness, little pain, and fast.

The symptoms of genetic diseases are:

(1) Intelligent development

Most constant chromosomal diseases have intelligent dysplasia.They range from mild to severe.For example, sex X syndrome is a common hypocritical hereditary disease.

(2) Alzheimer

Alzheimer’s dementia is also uncommon.It is common in deepening myoclonic epilepsy, as well as Parkinson syndrome.

(3) Behavioral abnormalities

It can be manifested as the excitement and impulse, easy to be angry, irritable, and sometimes hit the head hard, and cannot distinguish between cleanliness and dirty.Such as nodular sclerosis and some people’s abnormalities to disciplinary behaviors are misdiagnosed as schizophrenia.

The above is the narrative of genetic disease examination.Today, the research of genetic diseases is relatively complete. Therefore, in order to avoid the occurrence of this disease, prospective dads and mothers must actively do pre -pregnancy examination.

Third, semen examination

Semen examination is to understand the vitality of men’s sperm, sperm quality, etc.Give the treatment in time to create a high -quality embryo in the future.The test examination of semen is one of the main methods to understand male fertility.

Because semen examination will involve multiple links, if the prospective father does not rent in accordance with the correct method, the incorrect phenomenon of semen indicators may occur.What do you need to do about the prospective dad before checking?In the following, we need to explain the precautions before the essence.

(1) Stop sexual life for three to seven days

During this period, there must be no sperm, nocturnal emission and other sperm.The prospective dad cannot have a fever within two weeks.You can’t steam sauna or have a pot history of pots.

(2) Collect semen with containers

You can collect semen with a special container given by the inspection department. All the sperm that ejaculates must be collected in the cup. There must be no omissions, and then it is immediately sent to the inspection department for inspection.If it is winter, pay special attention to keep warm.Can be placed in underwear bags near the body.It is delivered to the inspection room within an hour as soon as possible, because sperm will die when the sperm encounters cold weather.Coldness will greatly reduce the survival rate of sperm.

(3) It is best to masturbate and take essence

The prospective dad can let his wife help or use a massage device and other appliances.If you ca n’t take it out, you can use the method of interrupting the in vitro sperm through sexual intercourse to collect semen.

(4) Cannot use a condom

Because the condom has the effect of killing sperm and the semen is easy to adhere to the case, but for patients without sperm, they can use condoms as appropriate, because as long as they see the body of the sperm, they can deny the diagnosis of no sperm.

Remember!When checking the precision before pregnancy, the prospective dad should pay attention to wash your hands before taking the essence, and then cut your nails to the safe range.Avoid the mistakes of bacteria and cause genital damage during essence.

Fourth, liver function examination

Because the liver is not only an important detoxifying organs for the human body, but also has functions such as regulating soil and blood, helping the spleen and stomach digest food, and absorbing nutrition.When a variety of causes cause liver cell damage, it can cause abnormal material metabolism in hepatocytes, and then cause metabolites -related metabolites in the blood and disorders of acid -base balance.

Liver function examination is mainly to detect whether the liver has diseases, and finally find out the type of liver disease and the cause of the disease.Because we should avoid transmitting hepatitis to expectant mothers.The pathogen is then transmitted to the fetus through the mother.We need to avoid the occurrence of this disease.

After having a pregnancy plan, the prospective dad and expectant mothers should actively perform pre -pregnancy medical examinations.Provide a healthy and good environment for new life.General medical examinations should be checked in the first three months of preparing pregnancy.Both husbands and wives should be checked at the same time.Why?It can be checked within 3 to 7 days after the end of menstruation. The prospective dad needs to test the quality of sperm within three to seven days after the same room.Then it is best not to have sex during this period.

Both husbands and wives will have a positive beauty, so that a healthy and beautiful baby will be bred.The above is the medical examination items and some precautions I shared with all the prospective dads.Thank you for your support, I will work harder, pay attention to me, and have more knowledge in the later period.

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