What are the physical changes after women are pregnant

There are many things that women should notice after pregnancy. Only the basic common sense of pregnancy during pregnancy and actively do the corresponding care during pregnancy. If you want your child to be healthy, you must conduct a regular check.Decision to solve the distress of unexpected pregnancy with the correct way of miscarriage. Here I take a detailed inventory of the women’s physical changes after pregnancy for your reference.

1. Men stop menstruation

Mentalal discontinuation is the earliest and most important signal of early pregnancy.Female friends who have always been normal in menstrual cycle, if the menstrual period passes for more than 10 days, it should be considered that there is a possibility of pregnancy.

2. Obvious physiological changes

Most women will experience dizziness, fatigue, drowsiness, increased saliva secretion, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting after 5-6 weeks of pregnancy.

3. Dietary habits suddenly change

Some female friends particularly like acidic, spicy, or cold foods after pregnancy, and they have a disgusting and retching response to the meat that I have always liked to eat.

4. Breast change

After pregnancy, under the common stimulation of estrogen and progesterone, starting from the 8th week, the breasts gradually grow, the color of the nipples and areola is deepened, and there are dark brown nodules around the nipples.

5. Changes in basic body temperature

Measure the basal body temperature, female friends can know early pregnancy.The normal basal body temperature is a two -way curve, that is, the lower ovulation is lower, and the increase after ovulation is increased. If the menstrual period expires the future tide, it will no longer decrease after the body temperature rises, and it is maintained for more than 18 days. At this time, it is indicated that she is pregnant.

The above introduces in detail what the female physical changes are changed after pregnancy. It is recommended that female friends must be careful to treat relevant health care during pregnancy. Pay attention to targeted care in order to effectively avoid the impact of pregnancy on physical health.

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