What are the precautions for girls after bringing rings

The ring is also called the upper ring, which is one of the traditional contraceptive measures.Many married women in China and women with one child will choose this contraceptive method.Under normal circumstances, it is a kind of in -the -palace in -palace for the family planning department.This is also the most efficient, most convenient, and simplest contraceptive method at present.But after all, Sheung Wan is also a small operation, so there are many small details that need to be paid attention to after the Shekuan.

After the ring with a ring, there is a small amount of bleeding, but if the amount of bleeding is too large, and it lasts for too long, and there are symptoms such as abdominal pain, low back pain, etc., it is recommended to check if there is a need for a birthplace or other other.Condition.In addition, in front of the ring, it is best to communicate with the doctor’s history and history of pregnancy, and cooperate with the doctor to do a good job of examination.

Pay attention to rest, especially the past two days must be paid to keeping the vulva cleaning, avoiding pots and showers to prevent swimming in public places to prevent infection. In the next two weeks, you must not live sex.

When the ring is 3 to 6 months, it is the most likely to fall off, infection, and bleed. Therefore, it is recommended that this time period must be observed closely, pay attention to the review work. In principle, the first month after the upper ring is built, 3A month and half a year must be reviewed once. In addition, after the ring, you must insist on reviewing every one year.

If indirect vaginal bleeding and small abdominal pain occur after the ring, you should go to the gynecological hospital to check whether there is an ectopic pregnancy. If so, you need to deal with it in time.

In short, after the ring, you must pay special attention to your physical changes. If there are any abnormalities, it is recommended to communicate directly with a professional physician.In addition, pay attention to the following details before the ring.

1. Whether it is suitable for ring contraceptives

It is generally believed that there are gynecological diseases, or women with too narrow cervix mouth should not bring ring. In addition, it is not suitable to have a ring with certain systemic diseases. It is recommended that women must communicate with doctors clearly before choosing a ring.

2. Precautions in front of the ring

Pay special attention to vaginal hygiene in the first two weeks of the ring. It is best not to live sex half a month before the operation.

3. Precautions after the ring

In the short term, it cannot be carried out in the short term, nor can it be performed in some sports activities to avoid causing the problem of circulating.

4. What should I do if I get pregnant unexpectedly after the ring

In -the -in -laws are also a contraceptive measure. Like other contraceptive methods, they cannot achieve hundreds of types, and they may be pregnant if they don’t pay attention.It is generally recommended that children with a ring pregnant, because it may cause fetal malformations. Second, the inner ring of the palace may also be stuck in the muscles of children, which causes some trouble for eugenics. Therefore, it is recommended not to do it.Essence

5. How long can I prepare for pregnancy after taking the ring

Under normal circumstances, do not conceive immediately after taking the ring. It is best to adopt a condom contraception within three months after taking the ring for contraception. This can make the endometrium a chance to repair, and it is more conducive to eugenics.

Warm reminder: Women with ring must go to the hospital to review and find out the possible abnormal situation in time.At the same time, for women who are not suitable for rings, they must choose other contraceptive methods. For example, if the body is seriously uncomfortable after the band rings, it is recommended to take it out immediately.

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