What are the precautions for painless people?It’s not too late now

There are eighty -nine things in life unsatisfactory, but you can talk to others.If life can be in control, everything is not hindrance.But things are contrary to wishes, life is not what we often imagine, many accidents are always caught off guard.With the opening of modern human consciousness, sexual life is also rare, and sometimes the protection measures are prone to pregnancy. At this time, painless abortion may be needed.

Painless abortion is a remedial measure after contraceptive failure. It is mainly to clear the embryo and the auxiliary structure through surgery to terminate the pregnancy.

The painless abortion is not painful, the process time is short, the amount of bleeding is small, and there is no drug leftover. It is the choice of women who fail to fail in contraception now.But painless abortion also has its disadvantages.

1. Because anesthesia is adopted during the operation, the uterine contraction effect is not good, and the perforation phenomenon is prone to occur;

2. Because the painless abortion is used to buy drunk, it has surgical risk to a certain extent.

In any case, the health of painless people must pay attention to the health of the people.

1. Do B -ultrasound and measure HCG to determine the number of pregnancy days and the size of the pregnancy sac at this time, so that doctors can determine whether the results of painless people must be performed through inspection results (generally painless abortion is applied to people within 10 weeks of pregnancy.It is recommended to change another way);

2. Tell the doctor’s previous pregnancy, or tell the doctor about the history of drug allergies related to the doctor, so that the doctor will prepare;

3. Check whether gynecological inflammation, such as vaginitis and reproductive system infections.If there is any active treatment, to prevent new bacterial infections during surgery;

4. Check the health status of the body organs, such as liver, kidney and other organs, and inform the doctor if they have changed their systemic diseases before;

5. Fasting 6 hours before surgery to avoid gastrointestinal reactions during the surgery, so that food reflux into the esophagus;

6. Choose a good hospital, do not easily believe in the flow of people mentioned in the street advertisements, and the ultimate injury is your own body.

1. Pay attention to abdominal pain and bleeding within two weeks after surgery, because there may be continuous vaginal bleeding caused by incomparable curettage after surgery, or secondary infections caused by surgery;

2. View your own abdominal pain and fever.If persistent abdominal pain occurs, accompanied by fever, you should go to the hospital for examination immediately;

3. After 10 days of surgery, if vaginal bleeding occurs, go to the hospital for examination in time.

Life is valuable. Before you are not sure if you want a child, do not take sexual behavior without any protection measures. This is not only harmful to you, but also irresponsible to children in the belly.

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