What are the problems of elderly women who are pregnant?Expert response

On the 31st, the National Committee of the National Health and Health held a press conference on safeguarding the situation of women’s health rights and interests.Regarding the issues that elderly women need to pay attention to, Zhao Yangyu, director of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Peking University Third Hospital, gave reminders and suggestions.

Zhao Yangyu said that for elderly women, if you are preparing to get pregnant, it is recommended that you first have pre -pregnancy consultation, especially in the early stage of older pregnant women, such as hypertension, diabetes, etc., there are some basic medications.There is a better management in the early disease, including the choice of drugs after pregnancy, etc., which is very important for maternal fetal safety after pregnancy.

In addition, Zhao Yangyu reminded that if you are pregnant, when you see a doctor for the first time, you must have the history of the past sick, including some previous pregnancy -related history, even what surgery, whether there are drug allergies, etc.The problems must be inform the doctor in detail. Doctors can adopt some individualized pregnancy treatment schemes for your situation. During pregnancy, you must follow the doctor’s order and regularly check for the birth.

Zhao Yangyu suggested that pregnant women must have a plan to participate in the courses of pregnant women’s schools. The setting of these courses is also online and offline.The situation, what precautions are very important. It is very important to do their own management. The management of pregnant women and doctors is very important for ensuring the safety of pregnant women.

Zhao Yangyu said that our country’s management experience for older pregnant women is relatively mature. Some complications or complications are incorporated into the classification management system of maternal mothers, including multiple disciplinary teams to escort.However, as the age of pregnant women increases, the probability of children with defects will increase. Therefore, in terms of eugenics, although our country’s pre -production screening and prenatal diagnosis have been continuously improved and continuously improved, they still continue to improve and improve.There are some limitations.In other words, there is still no way to make all birth defects be diagnosed before childbirth.

Therefore, Zhao Yangyu suggested that women choose to give birth to their age if they are pregnant.But no matter what, for the elderly pregnancy, everyone should pay attention to the attitude and action, and it must be relaxed psychologically.

Source: China News Network

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