What are the problems of women’s teeth?How to pay attention?

What are the three common teeth problems of women?

Women’s living habits and physiological characteristics are different from men.Different diseases are also different.There are many types of oral diseases, and 3 types of oral diseases often trouble our female friends.

The first category is tooth decay, because women prefer sweet or sour foods than men.Therefore, women are more likely to have tooth decay than men;

The second category is gingivitis, which is generally manifested as gum congestion, edema, and bleeding.

The third category is the problem of oral mucosa, which is the most common with recurrence of oral sores and oral herpes herpes.There are also "physiological time gingivitis" and "gingivitis during pregnancy".What needs to be emphasized is that these problems will not have these problems during the physiological period and pregnancy period, but that the oral hygiene is not good to have these problems.

What should I pay attention to during oral problems during pregnancy?

First, changes in hormone levels during pregnancy can easily lead to some diseases in the oral cavity. For example, gingivitis and even gingival tumors during pregnancy, because the original gingival inflammation increased under the action of hormones.

Second, because of the fetal relationship during pregnancy, many drugs cannot be used. If there is a wisdom tooth crown during pregnancy, it is difficult to deal with some special period (such as the first three months after pregnancy).

Third, if oral disease occurs, it will affect the mother’s eating, and then it will also affect the nutritional intake of the fetus

Finally, it is recommended that you take oral examinations when preparing for pregnancy, remove wisdom teeth in advance, remove dental dental stones, treat caries and pulp disease, and pay attention to oral hygiene during pregnancy.

How to protect the mouth of adolescent women

Women’s teeth were earlier earlier than men, and their teeth needed to be corrected earlier; in the lack of teeth and dental implants, women’s preciseness of doctors’ operations and the precision of technical equipment than men;In oral treatment, women are more sensitive and easy to bleed, and the pain is stronger.During the period, women’s focus on the oral cavity was slightly different.

(Title) Adolescent problem: You need to use fluoride toothpaste. It is recommended to use dental floss and regular oral examination.In addition, the best orthodontic age of girls is 11-13 years.

What are the oral problems in women’s physiological period?

If the gums are swollen and bleeding in the gums only appear during the physiological period, this is because of estrogen.During this period, you need to maintain good oral hygiene and do not have to panic. These symptoms generally disappear with the end of the physiological period.Avoid tooth extraction during the physiological period, and the blood coagulation of the physiological period is reduced. If tooth extraction, major bleeding may occur.

Three common problems of women’s oral cavity during pregnancy -dental caries

Pregnancy is a peak period for the onset of oral diseases, and oral diseases are harmful to pregnant women and fetuses themselves.Therefore, it is recommended that women who are preparing for pregnancy must have a oral examination in advance to prevent the deterioration of the disease and harm physical health.The first is dental caries: there is generally no pain in the early stage of dental caries, and it is not easy to find.When the pain is obvious, it has often developed to the stage of deep caries or pulpitis.If caries are painful during pregnancy, it will not only affect pregnant mothers to eat, but also affect the nutritional absorption of the fetus.

Suggestion: Oral examination before pregnancy, if there are dental caries, you should make up for it in time.At the same time, women should pay attention to oral hygiene during pregnancy and clean oral cleaning.

Three common problems of female oral cavity during pregnancy -periodontal disease

Because the estrogen and progesterone in the body after pregnancy increase, it is easy to cause periodontal diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis.If the pregnant mother has a periodontal problem before pregnancy, the situation will gradually increase with the increase of the pregnancy week, and the symptoms of swelling gums and bleeding will be accompanied by the entire pregnancy.In addition, women’s dietary habits have changed during pregnancy, and the number of meals has increased, which also puts some pressure on oral hygiene, which can easily cause plaque and calculus to increase, increase the chance of periodontal disease.

Suggestion: It is best to perform oral examination during pregnancy, clean your teeth in advance, remove plaque, eliminate gum inflammation, and master the correct way to brush your teeth.

Three common problems of oral cavity during pregnancy -wisdom teeth

Similarly, hormone levels during pregnancy and changes in the diet structure. If there is wisdom teeth, especially in obstructing wisdom teeth, it is easy to cause wisdom toothy crown inflammation.The wisdom tooth crown Zhou Yan not only is unbearable, but also may cause swelling of the face, limited mouth, difficulty swallowing, fever, chills, etc. In severe cases, it may also cause fistula and gap infection.

Suggestions: Before pregnancy and during pregnancy, go to the dental hospital for examination in advance. If you have wisdom teeth, you need to remove it as soon as possible.

Menopausal menopause may cause dry oral symptoms due to reduced estrogen, and reduced saliva may cause dental caries.In addition, due to age growth, calcium loss will be carried out. Pay attention to protecting the health of the alveolar bone, especially friends who need to be implanted.Menopausal women need to regularly do oral examinations. Pay attention to supplement vitamins and nutrients required for the body, while preventing periodontal diseases.Due to the special physiological structure, the incidence of oral cavity is higher than that of men, so oral problems require every woman to invest more attention.


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