What are the symptoms of pseudo -pregnancy?

In a maternity hospital in Nanjing, a wife was holding a big belly and entered the clinic, telling the doctor that he vaginal bleeding, and asked the doctor to see if the fetus in her belly was well.What is surprising is that through ultrasound testing, doctors can not see the existence of the fetus at all, and only see a swollen uterus and a few uterine fibroids. What is going on?What are the symptoms of pseudo -pregnancy?

The so -called pseudo -pregnancy refers to women with some symptoms similar to pregnancy. For example, menstruation stops, nausea, vomiting, etc., and may even have conscious fetal movement and abdominal distension, but the fact is not really pregnant, and in the fact that it is not really pregnant, and in the fact that it is not really pregnant, and it is not in the real pregnancy.Under the ultrasound, no pregnancy inside or outside the uterus is not visible.

What are the causes of pseudo -pregnancy?

(1) Diseases

Diseases may also cause pseudo -pregnancy.Due to the symptoms of early pregnancy, most of the physical changes caused by choricular glandular gonad hormone secreted by the placenta, and some diseases, such as erythema lupus erythematosus on female patients, will cause chorionic glandular gonadotropin to be in the blood in the bloodThe concentration of concentration rises, and symptoms similar to pregnancy.Therefore, if the ultrasound examination is found that there is no sign of pregnancy, but the chorrosive gonadotropin is occurred in the blood, it is usually recommended to refer to the internal medicine for detailed examination.

(2) Caused by psychological factors

Most pseudo -pregnancy is caused by psychological factors. Because the heart is very eager to get pregnant, there are some symptoms similar to pregnancy. Usually this type of pseudo -pregnancy, the choricular gonad hormone in the body does not do it will not be in the body.rise.

What are the symptoms of pseudo -pregnancy?

1. Menstruation stop

Women with this symptom usually appear not very regular menstrual cycle. In addition, psychological factors have affected the regulation of hormones. It may not be possibleMistake is a sign of miscarriage.

2. Nausea, vomiting

Nausea and vomiting are the most common symptoms of pseudo -pregnancy pregnancy, but because each person’s constitution is different, it may not necessarily be pregnant during pregnancy.Feeling, so this feeling is difficult to judge whether it is pregnant.

3. Rise of the abdomen

Most women who usually eat too much pregnancy will eat too much nutrients in the early stage. In this case, the lower abdomen will continue to be prominent and mistaken for pregnancy within a short time.If there are many uterine fibroids in the uterus or more obese itself, it will cause obvious abdomen to bulge.

4. Conscious fetal movement

Conscious fetal movement can be said to be the most incredible symptoms of false pregnancy, but this feeling is actually just a strong intestinal motility.When the stomach is not in time, nausea, vomiting, and obvious intestinal motility are very common. However, because the symptoms are too similar to the symptoms of early pregnancy, it is often confused by women who are eager to get pregnant.

Love tips:

Many female friends did not dare to face the problem that they were not easy to conceive, so they caused false pregnancy.In fact, when you feel that you are going to be pregnant, you should be sent to the obstetrics and gynecology department for treatment, so that the doctor diagnose whether it is pregnant. Through a regular birth check, it is easy to avoid the occurrence of false pregnancy.It is the most effective way for doctors to test pregnancy.

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