What changes will happen after pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special period. Pregnancy is a very happy thing for a family. After pregnancy, pregnant mothers will become the key protection targets at home. Families will prohibit pregnant mothers from doing housework, and some will even make pregnancy.Mom resigned from work at home to raise her fetus at home.If you are pregnant, you can realize how simple the pregnancy period is in the future. After pregnancy, the body of the pregnant mother will change a lot, and it will also show a variety of pregnancy responses.Pregnant mothers will go through many things during pregnancy. Some things will be particularly crazy, especially the following things, come and see if you have experienced it?

Hemorrhoids, constipation

After entering the third trimester, the body burden of pregnant mothers becomes heavier and heavier, and the organs in the body are squeezed by the uterus and are becoming more and more severe. Simply cause gastrointestinal activity to slow down, which will affect the normal operation of the digestive system. Therefore,Pregnant mothers can easily show constipation.

And in the third trimester, the uterus will be squeezed to the vein, causing blood flow to be blocked, and it can easily cause pregnant mothers to show hemorrhoids.

Whether it is hemorrhoids or constipation, it will cause trouble to pregnant mothers. Therefore, after entering the middle of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should adjust their diet, eat more foods that are good for gastrointestinal digestion.


Due to the growing up of the fetal baby, the uterus will gradually increase, which will strengthen the pressure on the bladder to bear.In the end, pregnant mothers in the third trimester often show urinary incontinence.Sometimes sneezing with some strength will cause urine to soar, which is really annoying.For such problems, pregnant mothers can automatically urinate every hour to avoid embarrassment.

Special ugly stretch marks

Following the stomach every day, there are stretch marks on many pregnant mothers. Some pregnant mothers are particularly afraid of this stretch marks and feel ugly.In fact, stretch marks can be reminded that her husband is a process of breeding life, and it is exactly deepening the love with her husband.

When the body of the pregnant mother shows these symptoms, it means that calcium is deficient, and remember to supplement calcium in time to ensure the health of the pregnant mother.

1. Cunning in the calf at night.At 4 months after pregnancy, the calf cramps are generally present. At the beginning, the symptoms are relatively mild, and the cramps are not very frequent. If calcium is not supplemented in time, the cramps will become more serious and more frequent.Therefore, timely calcium supplementation is critical.While calcium supplementation, pregnant mothers can relieve cramps by soaking their feet by warm water before going to bed.

2. There are traces of loose teeth.One of the main composition elements of teeth is calcium. Calcium deficiency directly affects the health of the teeth, the resistance will decrease, and the tissue structure of the teeth is loose.Once you find these problems, you need to go to the hospital to find a doctor for further viewing.In addition, eating during pregnancy is a major matter. Remember to clean your teeth while eating.

3. The joint pain of the body.Calcium is also an important part of the body bone. If the pregnant mother is insufficient, the calcium concentration in the blood is maintained within the normal range., Pelvic pain, etc.

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