What did you dream of during pregnancy?

I dreamed that the big snake black and white were entangled under the tree. As a result, the color Doppler ultrasound was twins, and it may be a dragon and phoenix …

4.4 Dreaming of a big black snake in the evening biting a college classmate. The male classmate was a boy with seven sisters at home.No one dares to talk about it, waiting to be born to be announced.[laughing out loud]

One child dreamed of three big pythons, as well as mice, sons of birth, the second child dreamed of butterflies, mice, flowers, dogs, little red snakes, hoped to be a female baby

I dream of every night, from animals to fruit, to fetuses, children, children, boys and girls, and various ghosts, all kinds of pursuits, etc., etc., who can tell me to have a boy or a girl?

I dreamed that many little snakes were around me, and then a very beautiful little white snake suddenly climbed from behind my shoulders. I was still afraid to catch it and throw it.

I just came to my aunt two days ago, and I only used the pity of the auntie. I thought I was irregular. That night, my mother called me and said that she dreamed that a girl was hanging, but I couldn’t stop it.The girl ignored my mother at all, and kicked the stool, my mother was awakened, and then called me. I thought for a long time, and suddenly felt that I was pregnant.The pregnancy stick is back, just pregnant, a female baby, now more than 1 year old

When I was pregnant with my little son, I dreamed that a big tree was burned and burned to the dark, and then there was a spring rain after the beginning of the spring evening, and the flower buds had a bud, hey!Today, I am also like a dream. My husband has died for 3 years, my eldest son has cerebral palsy, and even the stool is crowded. My wife is also in bed. It is really difficult for me.

I dreamed that a little girl in the elevator hugged me out of the elevator after two months of pregnancy. I found that the shoes were lost. I couldn’t believe that my child was so good -time.I feel uncomfortable. I think I still feel so distressed.

When I first dreamed of walking in the forest, I first saw a super large white python, lying on there, and I continued to walk without feeling wrong. I saw a large black python.I was not afraid of it, I stopped looking at it in front of it. Later, I gave birth to my son in the year of the snake and had a good temper.Now with the second child, I dreamed of a white piglet. It was very cute. The pig baby in the first month of the pig was checked.I feel that the baby dream is still accurate.Before I did the B super, I could feel whether the boy or the girl was pregnant.

I have been pregnant for more than nine months. I dreamed of dreamed of twice a series of purple grapes before and after I was four or five months pregnant. Later, when I was seven months pregnant, my mother dreamed that the husband and wife were holding twin babies on the road.My mother said that the baby was fun and hugged one of them. In a blink of an eye, the husband and wife left, and the child was thrown to my mother. He was a boy.Two days ago, I slept back to the cage and dreamed of two big snakes, one cyan and one black, and then a dream, dreaming that the stairs of the house were piled up by the neighbors at home.

The little white snake that can get when she is pregnant, with blue gems on her head.This time I dreamed that I got into the Lion Cave. A lioneer took a young lion and woke up when I woke up. Isn’t the lion living on the grassland?

I dreamed: I fainted in my dream, and I woke up with a little bare little boy.I asked the person next to him, who this is the child.The person next to me said that it was my child [covering your face].After waking up in the morning, I had to test it with a test strip. As a result, I really won the prize.Currently three months pregnant, I don’t know it is a boy and a girl [Yeah]

With the first child, dreaming of the snake on the ground, there is no place to step on the feet, thinking that it is going to make a fortune (we said here that dreaming of a snake to be promoted to make a fortune), and I dreamed that I had a big fat son, two legsThe tender and tender, the chicks also saw it!It’s really a son!For the second child, the only time I dreamed of the red cockroach flowers on the mountain, which was really beautiful. I went home to get a saw a tree and go home. After birth, I was a beautiful girl [Ye].of.

With the first child, dreaming of a beautiful angel in the sky and two small and two white skirts, the little angel pointed at me and smiled at me.Later, a very beautiful daughter was born with a birthmark of her right wrist.For the second child, I dreamed that two little crabs were climbed at my feet and gave birth to a son. But my son died of a four -year -old accident.The gentleman who looked at the cemetery said he had to bring a brother back.I went to the Tibetan Bodhisattva for asking for the child to return again and drawing.Nan Wu Da’s Wishes Tibetan Bodhisattva [Pray] [Pray] [Prayer] I quit my very good job, prepare for pregnancy, pick up the child back.To say so much, first, everyone believes that children and parents have a deep fate, do not abandon.The two living people should face up to death to understand death. In fact, we have never received the education of death, and never want to understand where the people have gone after death (one of the three classics of philosophy).The three are convinced that the Buddha and Bodhisattva are powerful, compassionate, great, and wishful for life [pray] [prayer] [prayer]

The boss was pregnant for two years in pregnancy. The month I dreamed of sending a child Guanyin with a baby came down. I immediately kneeling and said that I did n’t have a baby. Can I send a baby?There are.As a result, I was tested with test strips in the month.Before the second child, the boy after a few months of dreams smiled at me. After a while, it was really pregnant again. During pregnancy, I dreamed of the same dream. I gave birth to my son.picture

One child dreamed that the snake gave birth to a boy, and when the second child was pregnant, he dreamed that a little girl hugged my husband’s neck and shouted her father. I asked her who was Zhou Sisi, the nickname was Yingying. It was our daughter. LaterDreaming a lot of beautiful flowers, dreaming that we are going to adopt a child, saying that personal boys are the same as Fuwa, but my husband said that I was pregnant and did not need to adopt. Later, I dreamed that the child was born suddenly.I wrapped me in the film and took a look at a very beautiful girl. Later, I dreamed that my husband was killed and was sentenced to death. Now I am seven months pregnant.

At that time, when I was married, I always dreamed of the big apple and the oranges on the trees.In 13 years, I dreamed that the two dragons flew to my house, but I was cooked by me. Later, I was pregnant with twin sons.Until 16 years of pregnancy, I dreamed that it was like a firebird and a kind of long legs with a long legs of the crane. It was all pink.It’s still vivid now. I also dreamed of the sea, gave birth to her daughter and gave birth to Ping An. The daughter was born with a long leg and a high leg, 56 cm, and is now 2 years old.[Laughs] Thank God for giving me a daughter, and I like a girl in itself. It is very satisfied.

Can’t remember the dream of an old couple, whether the side of the road is doing small trading or pickup.The couple held a boy and girl in their arms. They usually didn’t like the children at all, but they felt very beautiful and cute when they saw the two children. Then the old man put the boy on a long stool, but the child went from a stool.When I fell, I went from the ground to hold the child to the moment when I was pregnant.Now the children are ten years old. If the girl is hugged in the dream, will the girl be born?

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