What do you make up from January to October during pregnancy?Which foods can’t be eaten?Seeing expectant mothers

During pregnancy, you must pay attention to supplementing nutrients every month so that your baby can grow up healthily in the belly, but which ones need to be supplemented ⁉️ These are the roads that novice mothers must go through.

Let’s take a look together?

叶️ The first month: folic acid (prevention of fetal nerve organs defect)

叶️ The second month: folic acid, VC, VB6 (relieve gum bleeding, pregnancy reaction)

️ The third month: folic acid, VA, magnesium (promoting fetal bone road, gastric and intestinal development)

️ April of pregnancy: zinc (prevention of fetal organs dysplasia)

️ May pregnancy: calcium, VD (promoting bone road, teeth growth)

铁️ June of pregnancy: Iron (Prevention of fetal nerve organs)

D️ July pregnancy: DHA, EPA and brain carbon fat, lecithin (promoting brain and retinal development)

️ August of pregnancy: carbohydrate (maintaining the source of the fetus and mother’s calorie)

️ September pregnancy: dietary fiber (promoting intestinal peristalsis, alleviating constipation)

维️ October pregnancy: Vitamin B1 (improve fatigue and promote childbirth process)

Nine types of foods that are cautious during pregnancy

① Fruits: hawthorn, longan, papaya

② Vegetables: red amaranth, purslane, fungus

③ Seasoning category: spiced powder, MSG

④ smoked/pickled food: bacon, salted fish pickles, dried plum vegetables

⑤ Aquatic/seafood: Do not eat crabs, turtles, do not eat sashimi, raw meat, raw eggs and other unfamiliar foods, there will be parasites.Do not eat square -headed fish, tuna, catfish and other high mercury -containing varieties.

⑥ Supply/herbal medicine: saffron, musk, car grass, Huoxiangzhengqi water, Gastrodia, Tianqi, Angelica, motherwort, ginseng, benches, safflower, glyphor, Cordyceps sinensis, active stasis can easily cause can easily cause stasis and can easily cause stasis easy causeabortion.

:Snacks snacks: Spicy, barbecue, stinky tofu, betel nut

⑧ Processing food: preserved eggs, cans, spicy strips

精 Drinks: alcohol, herbal medicine tea, coffee, strong tea

100 million types of foods that should be eaten during pregnancy

① seafood: zinc and DHA are higher, once a week once a week

② Nuts: Promote the development of the baby’s brain and prevent calcium deficiency in pregnant women

③ Green vegetables: contain folic acid, prevent fetal Qi -shaped

④ avocado: natural folic acid, reduce cholesterol, prevent constipation

⑤ Egg: Supplement nutrition and promote fetal development

⑥ milk: strengthen nutrition, supplement calcium, drink sooner or later

血 Blueberry: keep blood pressure stable, protect vision, and alleviate the response of pregnant women

免 beans: improve immunity and prevent diseases

磨Sl linen seed (grinding): lower blood lipids, relieve constipation

充 olive oil: supplement energy and prevent constipation

Tofu: Prevention of osteoporosis

促 Oatmeal: Promote fetal growth and development, prevent constipation

Drink these soups during pregnancy.

Carrot, corn pork rib soup

Spinach pork liver lean meat roller soup

Lotus root peanut pork ribs soup

Chicken feet soup

Tofu shrimp soup

Red dates stewed chicken soup

Winter melon flower clam soup

Catfish tofu soup

Loofah lean soup


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