What do you need to know about opening the mother and baby shop?

What knowledge is needed to open a mother and baby shop 1. What would it happen when the baby lacks probiotics?Increase the role of probiotics?Answer: The baby lacks probiotics, with bad appetite, abnormal stool (diarrhea or constipation).Poor nutrition absorption, heat, and recurrence of illness.Increase probiotics, improve gastrointestinal tract, improve immunity, promote nutrition absorption, and enhance your own resistance.Suggested brands: Health Yuan, Aozi 2. What is DHA, and what is it?Answer: DHA, the scientific name of 22 carbonic acid, is one of the important and unsaturated acids that the human body needs.Essential fatty acids in the human body are essential for maintaining various tissue functions. When lack of lack, it can cause a series of symptoms, including slow growth and development, abnormal skin dandy, infertility, and wisdom.DHA, as a essential fatty acid, has a significant role in enhancing memory thinking and improving intelligence.3. What is the vitamin fiber?What is the physiological function of Victoria Fiber?What are the suitable people.Answer: Vita fiber is a natural plant extract-water-soluble dietary fiber as raw materials. It adds a variety of vitamins and uses advanced high-tech craftsmanship.The physiological functions of Victoria’s fiber: prevent and dredge constipation, effectively prevent the accumulation of fat in the body, interpret the energy alleviating effect in exercise, promote the safety of toxins in the body, and naturally discharge the body, reduce blood lipid -cholesterol, reduce heart disease, and stabilize human blood glucose value.Victoria’s fiber is applicable to all people including infants and pregnant women.4. The correct tune method of milk powder: Answer: First, put water (40 ~ 60 degrees), then put milk powder, wait for the milk powder to be completely wet, sink, and stir with a small spoon.(The faster the milk powder settle, the better the fast solubility of the milk powder), and the original adjustment method is to put the powder first, and use boiling water to directly pour it on the powder.It also causes protein degeneration and reduces solubility.5. How to add supplementary food.Answer: Principles of complementary foods: (1) From less to more, if the egg yolk starts from 1/4, if there is no adverse reaction for 2-3 days, add 1/3 ~ 1/2, and gradually eat one.(2) From thin to thick, drink for about 10 days of rice soup-drink for about 10 porridge, and then soft rice.(3) From fine to thick, vegetable water-vegetable mud-fragmented (4) It is used to plus another.6. How to judge that children lack zinc.Answer: (1), loss of appetite.(2) Eat and strange things.(3), the length is not tall.(4) The hair grows slowly.(5) White spots appear in nails, with long fingers pouring, (6), multi -movement, slow response, inattention, poor learning ability.(7) Virus is particularly prone to infection.(8) Repeated seizures of oral ulcers.Suggested brands: golden hoop stick, proud, eugenics mommy.Happy jumping.Can be installed and used: Flying Butterfly Maternal and Baby Products Store Management Software.Let the computer help you manage, it is not easy to make mistakes and save labor costs.Flying Butterfly Maternal and Baby Store Management Software supports barcode scanning, small ticket printers, money boxes, membership card points, discounts, pre -charging and payment, and automatic blessing text messages for membership birthday software.You can check the sales volume, profits, inventory, total inventory, total inventory, commission, commodity fast expired information and so on.It also gives a special product barcode and price library (more than 10,000 kinds of product information) for maternal and infant shops, and you do n’t need to enter one by one, directly import and use.The software is divided into a single -machine version, a chain version 7. The benefits of drinking goat milk for pregnant women and babies?Answer: Compared with milk, goat milk is more likely to digest, which can improve human immunity and have the functions of repairing the mucosa such as respiratory tract, gastrointestinal, etc., effectively prevent and reduce diseases such as colds, bronchitis, gastrointestinal ulcers.Secondly, it does not produce protein allergies, especially suitable for people with allergies and poor gastrointestinals.The fat balls of goat milk are only one -third of the milk, which can be absorbed faster and more complete by the human body, which will not cause fat accumulation. Drinking the body for a long time is strong: not gaining weight.Suggested brands: Royal Treasure, Mika.8. How to store milk powder after opening?Answer: (1) It should not be stored in the refrigerator after opening the milk powder: (2) Canned milk powder. After each tank, you must cover the tight plastic cover.After each use of milk powder, tie the bag after each use: (3) The use time of milk powder is specified after opening.Most infant formulas have clearly stipulated on the packaging of milk powder. After the milk powder is opened in January after opening: (4) Milk powder may also be cooked within the specified dates.(Wave) 9. What are the phenomenon of baby getting angry?Answer: (1) Unwilling to eat, irritable, and even unwilling to enter water; (2) abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, eye feces, and red rashes of the head and face;10. What are the common ways to prevent getting angry?Answer: (1) Breastfeeding; (2) Drink plenty of water (3) Develop good eating habits and bowel habits; (4) You can fill some foods that reduce fire.Suggested brands: Yunheng, each companion, English auspiciousness, Ching’er Run 11, what is the lutein in formula milk powder?Answer: Lutein is a type of carotene.It exists widely with green vegetables and fruits, and its main role is to protect the baby’s eyes.Suggested brand: Wyeth 12, spring, summer, autumn, winter, to prevent these common diseases?Pneumonia, myocarditis, viral encephalitis, food poisoning, and bacterial diarrhea; autumn should be defense, rotten diarrhea in autumn; in winter, pneumonia, cold fever, cough.Suggested brand; Heinz.In life, the mother’s choice can solve the above problems in life to improve the baby’s immunity.Suggested brands; life sunshine, eleven workshop, Peizhi.13. Why can’t Calcium Calcium Lactin be mixed into the formula milk?Answer: Golden hoop stick L ~ Calcium calcium is high, strong activity, and good solubility.Due to the complicated formula of the formula, if the golden hoop rod L ~ Calcium calcium is anti -entered into the formula milk powder, the two will produce a compound reaction.It cannot be put in formula milk powder, which just shows that golden hoop stick L ~ Calcium lactate is a good product absorbing. 14. Can the baby eat glucose?Answer: First, you can add glucose.But it is not added to the milk powder, but it is added when drinking water.What about the amount?It ’s just that adults are a bit sweet to drink water. Usually, you can add some honey (only for children over one year old) to use dedicated honey.Suggested brand: Yingjili 15. Is the baby drink a faint chrysanthemum tea?Answer: No problem.However, if he was on fire, he gave him chrysanthemum tea, then it was best to give him a child seven -star tea (granules).Sweet, mixed with milk for him.You can also tell him that it is sugar, so that he can eat it so, some babies like to eat like this.Suggested brands; Jishi Hall 16. When will the baby replenish cod liver oil: A: Generally speaking, calcium and cod liver oil should be added 4 weeks after the newborn or 2 weeks after birth, and calcium can be drunk.Cod liver oil can be dripped in your mouth.Cod liver oil is best taken at the same time as calcium, but calcium cannot be taken with milk, which will affect the absorption effect.Suggested brands: Aozi, Kim Qishi, Duowang 17, can you drink brown sugar?

Answer: Brown sugar is rich in minerals, especially iron. Proper consumption of brown sugar during pregnancy can also have the effect of nourishing health care, but it is not advisable to eat too much.It is advisable to serve for 7 ~ 10 days after giving birth.Can relieve abdominal pain and enhance physical fitness.It can also increase blood pressure. If blood pressure is low, drinking brown sugar water is very tube.18. Do you need to transition like a milk powder for changing rice noodles for your baby?Answer: rice noodles are supplementary food. The nutrients such as protein are much less than milk powder, and the formula is not as complicated as milk powder. The milk powder should be transitioned. It is mainly because the baby is not adaptable to some proteins and nutrients.However, adding supplementary foods must follow the following principles. From less to more, from thin to thick, from soft to hard, from a single to diverse, after a few days, new varieties are added.Suggested brand: Heinz 19. What is the role of folic acid?Answer: (1) For pregnant women: Provide good egg cells, easily conceive, reduce early pregnancy reactions, reduce abortion, premature birth: iron deficiency anemia; promote postpartum recovery, no calories, avoid postpartum weight gain.(2) For fetuses: fully supplement the various nutrients necessary for the growth and development of the fetus to prevent neural tube malformation and other birth defects: reduce the occurrence of abortion, premature birth and birth weight; promote the development of the fetal brain; sufficient preparation of the placenta.(3) For babies: provide a more balanced nutrition for mothers, give babies with richer nutritional milk; enhance the baby’s immunity; promote intellectual development; promote baby’s bones and teeth development.Suggested brand: Gongsheng Mommy 20, calcium iron zinc role?Answer: Calcium is a necessary element for bones and teeth growth, which is essential for promoting cells and nervous system functions and muscle contraction; iron is a component that can carry oxygen in red blood cells; zinc is the metabolism of vitamin A to promote fetal growth and development.Eugenics Mommy Calcium Iron -Zinc Popularity also supplement calcium iron and zinc at the same time, which will make all three elements absorb well, and coordinate with each other in terms of therapeutic effects.21. What is the role of granules?Answer: The granules are made of "7+1" nutritional reinforcement. The special flour is very delicate, rich in a variety of vitamins and trace elements; the facial items are processed and produced by special processes.Food is easy to digest and has rich wheat fragrance; specially adds dietary fiber and hybrid candy to protect intestinal health.The vegetable bag adopts the internationally leading FD frozen drying technology. The taste characteristics of young children are equipped with a variety of green vegetables and egg flowers, and according to the growth needs of young children at this stage, L ~ ~ lysine hydrochloride, vitamin A.And vitamin D; the ingredients do not contain preservatives. Add boiling water and stir to eat it. It is convenient and delicious.The clever combination of the facade and the feed bag reflects the characteristics of food nutrition, health and convenience, and hygienic chewing in infants and young children. It is an ideal staple food for babies.Recommended brand: Bailemai 22. The benefits of eating walnut oil for pregnant women?Answer (1) For pregnant women, more edible walnut oil helps to develop early body development, which is extremely important for infant brain development.(2) Walnut oil is also a good substance for ladies beauty. It is often rubbed to make the skin soft, beautiful and harmful of electromagnetic wave radiation and ultraviolet damage.(3) Other functions of walnut oil include: promote metabolism, eliminate fatigue, restore physical strength, protect liver and eyesight, strong muscles and strong bones, intestines and laxatives, black must have hair, qi and blood.Suggested brand: Fulu 格, Shangri -La 23, walnut oil use.Answer: Pregnant women are 8 ml-16 ml per day. Frying, frying, cooking, coloring, cold, cold, and direct drinking can be used.1. Cooking; 1: 4 method to mix and cook with other blended oils. Do not use a high fire. The temperature is controlled below 160 degrees, that is, the oil eight mature;Then you can; 3. Add to drinking: add to milk, yogurt, honey, and juice; 4. Add to make soup, noodles, stuffing, stir -fried dishes, and seasonings;Do you want to be divided into age stages?Answer: After 6 months of babies, the immune system has not yet developed, and the body immunoglobulin (IGG) is seriously lacking, especially

Experts such as cough, such as cough, sneezing, runny nose, fever and other colds, pneumonia, etc.) Gastrointestinal diseases (such as diarrhea, etc.) said that this period was a "immune incomplete period" during this period.In this period, babies often take medicine, repeatedly use antibiotics and various antibiotics, which can easily destroy the human immune system, which leads to the acceleration of the original weak immune function.During this period, babies particularly needed infants and young colostrils (1 ~ 3 years).The ratio is tailor -made for infants and young children from 1 to 3 years old to help babies improve their resistance by immunization and nutrition.25. What is the role of the "choline" in Mead Johnson milk powder.It is an extremely important role, which is the basic component of ensuring the normal work of the nervous system and affecting the metabolic effects of Horot and vitamin A in the human body.It also played an extremely important role in various forms.Recommended brand: Mead Johnson 26, what is the role of "lutein" in milk powder.Answer: A key antioxidant for the eye, highly concentrated in the human retinal macular area, can help protect the baby’s retina from blue light damage and play a barrier role for the baby’s young eyes.Suggested brand: Wyeth 27. What are the anti -diarrhea powder on the market now?Answer: Breastfeeding is feeding. If the baby often diarrhea repeatedly, it is necessary to consider that it is not like the baby’s lactose is not resistant, because the breast milk is shouting the composition of lactose.The stool is not good, like the water rushes out, and there are yellow water, and there are many foams in the fart. At this time, you must use milk without sugar.Suggesting brands; Anson’s An Yingle, Nestlé 28. Can babies eat honey? Answer: Normal baby can also drink honey, but the amount should not be too large, especially not diarrhea.This is because infant growth and development requires the balance between protein, minerals, vitamins and various nutrients. If you drink a lot of honey, it is easy to replace the amount of feeding, make the period insufficient nutrient intake, lack of disease, and affect growth and development.If diarrhea causes diarrhea, it is easy to make nutrition in poor absorption.So normal babies can drink honey, but it is not too large.Suggested brand: Baihua 25. What kind of category can hand carts be divided into?Answer: Hand cart can be roughly divided into luxury types that are suitable for ordinary homes. For long -term use of luxury types (lying in full, half lying), and lightweight (also known as umbrella car) that emphasizes lightness and often go outLarge tires (such as bicycles can be inflated tires) can drive babies running tricycles.26. How many months are the Umbrella used?Answer: For more than six months, because babies who are less than six months are unable to sit stable due to their immature cervical development, they must be used by babies of more than six months.27. How big can infants learn to walk in a ride?Answer: After 6-8 months, babies should not learn prematurely. Babies from lying to sitting, from climbing to standing for about 12 months.The sooner the better, the children who are not full of age, the bones and muscles are not healthy, and they are very soft. They walk prematurely, and the feet are too heavy.Flat feet, the lower limbs will be too heavy, and the small feet are deformed, especially the fat children, and it is not advisable to walk prematurely. 28. Mom is most concerned about the characteristics of baby hand carts. Answer A with a safety certification sign.Such a small baby can also use it, and you can take a nap on the cart.C reliable brake function, D safe and simple seat belt E folding is easy to lightly concentrate (can be carried on the car) G has a shading or rain -covered top

The H joint folding will not pinch the baby’s curious little fingers I, the height of the handle of the handle is just for you. What are the types of Ji Ji with a place?Answer: It is divided into wide diameter, general diameter, standard shape, thumb shape, special fruit juice, breast milk feel, and width of the pacifier of tongue coating: It can only be equipped with a wide -caliber. General caliber caliber: can only be equipped with a general caliber bottle thumb type: imitate the baby babyThe shape of the finger design is dedicated to fruit juice: Drinking juice special breast milk feel: imitating the mother’s nipple design, soft and retractable.Suitable for newborn to use tongue coating pacifiers, which types of baby tongue coating 36 bottle?Answer: It is divided into wide-diameter bottle, general diameter bottle, anti-bombing bottle, handle bottle, automatic straw baby bottle, special bottle of supplementary food, and supplement bottle, wide-caliber-easy to adjust milk, cleaning.General diameter anti-flatulence-preventing infants from inhaling air, causing diarrhea, preventing otitis media from bringing hands-baby 4 months, prepare a baby bottle with a handle, train your baby’s grip ability automatic straw-baby can drink milk in any position of the babySpecial for complementary food-inside with a spoon, easy to replenish the bottle-suitable for customers who do not need to be equipped with pacifier 37 Belly bottle, there is a purple. What is the role of this?Answer: There is a thermal sensing device design in the straw end straw. When the milk temperature exceeds 37 degrees, the channel will become pink, so that the baby can avoid burning due to the heat of the milk.What are the nine major rights and interests of consumers at one time?Answer: Consumers have 9 major rights and interests are the right to know, claim the right, associate social rights, and choose the right.The right to security, the right to knowledge, the right to trade, respect and supervise the right.39. What should I pay attention to when selling pacifiers and bottles with customers?Answer: A customer should buy a bottle cleaning solution at the same time when buying a baby bottle. It is recommended to buy the bottle cleaning solution at the same time (because the milk stains on the pacifier on the pacifier are difficult to rinse the water), the bottle brush the bottle bottle bottle bottle disinfectant B Xin Anyi bottle can be equipped with a series of pacifiers, not.With other brands of pacifiers C, customers must pay attention to the models of the pacifier on the bottle when buying a bottle.3 minutes) The holes on the e-pacifier have been opened during production, and there is no need to open F-rubber pacifier before use for a period of time (about 4-5 weeks) of the pacifier dark brown color and sticky., When you have a crack on the pacifier in time.In order to prevent the breeding of bacteria, the model of the pacifier H newly pressing, Pigeon, and Belle Bottle should be replaced in time.If the eugenics are more happy, the S, M, L, and ML on the bottle refers to the size of the bottle, rather than the size of the pacifier 40. What are the classification of the company’s planning?Answer; At present, the company’s planning for products is 8 major categories, namely food, baby supplies, laundry supplies, nursing supplies, lathe toys, book discs, clothes, hats and gifts.What do you need to know about opening the mother and baby shop?Have you learned

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