What does it feel for the first time after giving birth?The answer makes people cry!

After giving birth to an October, after giving birth to the baby, for so long, Baoma and her husband can’t wait to usher in the first room for postpartum.That mood is really looking forward to and nervous!But after all, after giving birth to a baby, Bao Ma’s physical condition will definitely change from before.

Many Baoma will also worry that the state is not as good as before, and even lost the passion of the past, becoming a bit cold.Everyone’s experience may be different.

Come and see how the Moms’ own feelings are:

@: Remember that my husband and I started on the 49th day after giving birth. I was afraid of getting pregnant that day and asked my husband to put on a cover.I do n’t think of it, I do n’t feel at all, I just want to end it quickly, but my husband has enjoyed half an hour.

@:: It’s more nervous than the first time!When I gave birth to a baby, there was a tear below, so I was very embarrassed, and it was very loose underneath … I had no feeling and my husband, and half ended …

@: Halfway, I feel that my belly is swollen, sour, and makes people caught off guard. I don’t want to love love anymore!

@: Embarrassed!The following is particularly loose, for fear of sweeping her husband’s interest, and pretending to make a very enjoyable look. I did not expect to make a fart later. Later, it was found that it was yin blowing, and my husband laughed.

@: To be honest, I don’t feel very good. Maybe I am not recovering very well. After love and love, I started to bleed below, and there was a faint pain.

@: Don’t mention it!Suspected whether he was cold.It’s completely different from what I look forward to.

After watching the feelings of Bao Ma, it is really a mixed flavor, but I believe that as long as you continue to recover and exercise in the later period, you can also return to the prenatal state.

So, how long can I go to the same room for the first time after giving birth?The following is the timetable:

It takes 1 week to close the cervical opening

It takes 3 weeks to guide the reappearance than folding

Cervical recovery takes 4 weeks

The endometrium repair takes 6 weeks

Moms of caesarean section need at least 42 days to recover after confirming that the lochia is completely discharged.

It is recommended that you do not have the same room in these recovery periods, and during this period, Baoma’s sexual desire is relatively low, and the quality is not good.

What should I do if I have bleeding for the first time after giving birth?

It is recommended to see a doctor.

If it is pain and no bleeding, there are many reasons. You can observe first. If you continue to pain, go to the doctor.

What do you need to pay attention to after giving birth for the first time?

1. Pay attention to cleaning and hygiene.Generally, if you just give birth to a baby, Baoma ’s resistance will be very poor. If you bring bacteria in bacteria, it is easy to cause infection, especially if the wound of the reproductive tract has not completely healed, the chance of infection will be higher.

2. Take a suitable posture and move gently.

If the mother’s sexual desire has not fully recovered, the vagina will be relatively dry. It is recommended to respect the opinions of Baoma, and the husband’s movement should be as gentle as possible.

In addition, it is best not to take contraceptives during breastfeeding, which will affect the quality of milk and affect the fetus. Mom should pay attention to it.

Welcome to pay a little attention, dedicate more interesting and practical parenting knowledge ~

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