What examinations do I need to do for half a year of pregnancy?

You know, preparing pregnancy is not a matter of success. Some people may be lucky and succeed in one time, but some people have prepared for more than half a year, but they still have not conceived.But why is it impossible? This will undoubtedly make the preparation couple doubt and suspect that they have problems with their body, so they will go to the hospital for some related examinations.So, what examinations do I need to do for half a year of pregnancy?

Women’s inspection includes:

1. Donetal angiography: It mainly checks the smoothness of women’s fallopian tubes and evaluates the fertility of the fallopian tube. If there is a problem, it can be treated in time.

2. Bullet B -ultrasound: Check that women’s B -ultrasound can check the size of the uterine shape, ovarian size, detect the growth of follicles, and predict whether ovulation can be ovulated.

3. Six sex hormones: mainly detect women’s endocrine conditions, and whether the fertility environment is conducive to fertility.

In addition to the woman’s need to do inspection, the man is also inevitable. The main inspection items include:

1. Fertility inspection: It is mainly to test semen parameters, including the number of male sperm and the quality.

2. Examination of eugenics: including some common genetic diseases, infectious diseases, inflammation and infection, etc.

There are many causes of infertility, and the causes, diseases, and constitutions of each patient are different.After a comprehensive examination, the doctor must formulate a symptomatic plan for you.

In addition, we must maintain good living habits during pregnancy.

1. Live regularly, avoid staying up late, keep enough sleep

2. Keep your mood and reduce mental stress.There are a lot of people in one time, but there are many people who have not been pregnant for half a year or even a year, and there is no need to be too anxious.

3. Stay away from the pollution environment, especially to Tobacco pollution. Monster dads can try to quit smoking as much as possible, and the harm of second -hand smoke is also very great.

4. Enhance physical fitness.Proper exercise is necessary. If you are not preparing for pregnancy, you need exercise more, have sufficient physical fitness, and can be easier after pregnancy.

5. Balanced diet and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

6. Before and after the same room, pay attention to the cleaning of private parts to prevent gynecological diseases.When there are gynecological inflammation, there will be a large amount of white blood cells, and leukocytes hinder the smooth entering women’s uterus, reducing the vitality of sperm, and killing sperm, which will affect women’s conception. Therefore, you must pay attention to cleaning before and after the same room.

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