What happened, ectopic pregnancy always recurs?Doctor: Never care!

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Tao Yan Tang Xing Liu Dan

"Fortunately! Ms. Huang’s fallopian tubes have not ruptured, and the crisis was successfully lifted after surgery. But her retraction of ectopic pregnancy really wants to wake up and knock a alarm for the majority of female friends!" On April 21, Hunan ZhongzhongzhongzhongzhongHe Bing, deputy director of the Gynecology Department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Medical University (Hunan Provincial Hospital), visited Ms. Huang who had just undergone surgery in the ward and was recovering."" ".

Ms. Huang is "what happened"?How much do you know about ectopic pregnancy?Let’s take a look at He Bing’s introduction.

Two times a year for ectopic pregnancy, you must deal with it as soon as possible!

Pregnancy was originally a happy thing, but Ms. Huang from Changsha encountered two painful experiences.In August last year, Ms. Huang had not had time to be happy after pregnancy, so she was diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy due to her vaginal bleeding with a slight hidden pain in the lower abdomen.Fortunately, the gynecology department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine was discharged smoothly after the combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine.

I did not think. In April this year, Ms. Huang, who was pregnant with her baby again, was diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy when she came to the hospital for fetal protection and occurred in the same side of the tubal.Fortunately, her fallopian tube has not broken, and the surgery has now turned danger.

The fertilized egg is called an abnormal pregnancy in the position outside the uterine cavity. It is used to be an ectopic pregnancy, which is an abnormal pregnancy.So, what harm is it?He Bing made a corresponding explanation.

He Bing introduced, in popular terms, the fertilized eggs that should have developed in the uterine cavity, because of the resistance, were stopped before reaching the "finish position".As a result, women suffer from ectopic pregnancy.

It is extremely harmful."The tubular lumen is narrow, the wall of the tube is thin, and the fertilized eggs are" rooting ‘here "can easily lead to local rupture of the fallopian tube, because the abundant blood vessels will cause a large number of abdominal bleeding in the abdominal cavity in a short period of time, or even life." He Bing reminded that the occurrence occurredEctopic pregnancy is very dangerous. Once found, it must be treated as soon as possible.

Why is "repeated"?

Why does Ms. Huang have two consecutive ectopic pregnancy in a year?It turned out that Ms. Huang had a history of fallopian tube surgery, which was also the cause of her ectopic pregnancy.

"The main cause of ectopic pregnancy is fallopian tubeitis. Around the fallopian tube inflammation can cause tubal twisted and narrow. The peristalsis weakened during the transportation of fertilized eggs, tubal mucositis will cause narrowing and blocking of the official cavity.As a result, the fertilized eggs are in bed, thereby fallopian tube pregnancy. "He Bing introduced, in addition, various factors such as dysplasia of fallopian tubes, failed contraceptive failure in the palace, and pelvic mass can also lead to the occurrence of fallopian tube pregnancy.

After ectopic pregnancy, if there is no active treatment of fallopian tube inflammation, it is easy to cause recurrence.The reason why Ms. Huang had an ectopic pregnancy in the same -side tubal again was because she did not continue to actively treat fallopian tube inflammation after the first operation.

Ms. Huang’s two encounters were regrettable and distressed.So, how to avoid repeated occurrence of ectopic pregnancy?He Bing’s suggestion:

Follow the doctor’s advice on time, pay attention to the hygiene of living in the same room, actively treat the inflammation of fallopian tubes, etc., develop good living habits, and remove the high -risk factors of external pregnancy.

According to the results of the fallopian tube, the next step is determined by the age of the age and whether there are other infertility factors.

It is found that the menopause time is long, and you can confirm whether you are pregnant by testing the urine HCG and blood HCG. Monitor the blood HCG level after pregnancy, review the position of the pelvic B -ultrasound in a timely manner, and eliminate ectopic pregnancy.Once you are found to be an ectopic pregnancy again, early treatment.

Maintaining a good attitude, anxiety, nervousness, eagerness to ask for children may affect women’s ovulation and tubal peristalsis.

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