What happened to pregnant women with stomach pain for eight months?

If the stomach pain in pregnant women has not been fully paid attention to, it may cause damage to pregnant women and fetuses, so they know the cause of the stomach pain in pregnant women to get better solution.

What happened to pregnant women for eight months of stomach pain

1. Frequent fetal movement

8 months of pregnancy active fetal movement, frequent movements make pregnant mothers feel pain, but this stomach pain will disappear naturally after a while. This is normal. Of courseBecause the condition of the fetus may not be very good, such as hypoxia, it can cause huge harm.

2. Nature

From 28 weeks of pregnancy, fake contractions often occur in the abdomen. If pregnant women stand or sit in the same posture for a long time, they will feel the hardening of the abdomen (that is, the symptoms of tight belly).The contraction is characterized by the irregular time when the occurrence of the occurrence, and the degree of time is strong and weak. Before the delivery, the pseudo -contraction is more and more frequent due to the stimulus caused by the decline of the fetal head due to the decline of the tire head.of.

3. Late abortion

Advanced abortion mainly refers to the phenomenon of stomach pain and vaginal bleeding after 12 weeks of pregnancy. The process of late abortion is similar to childbirth. First, there is an abdominal pain in the uterus contraction, and then the placenta is peeled from bleeding.However, there are fewer miscarriage.

4. Rebate esophagitis

In the late pregnancy, the fetus gradually increased, and the internal pressure of the abdominal control also increased. If the pores were widened, the bottom of the stomach could be pushed into the thoracic cavity through the widening esophageal pores.The upper mouth of the stomach is up, and the stomach acid, gas, and food in the stomach can flow back to the esophagus or oral cavity. Stomach acid stimulates the esophagus mucosa, which occurs in the flow of esophageal tubulitis. This will cause stomach pain in pregnant mothers. ThisOccasionally occur, you need to go to the hospital for treatment.

5. Ovarian cyst twists

In the early stages of pregnancy, ending or early pregnancy, because the uterus and organs enter the abdominal cavity, it is more likely to have a cyst reversal, which will cause pregnant mothers to have intermittent stomach pain on one side, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and vomiting and vomitingFeeling the feeling of collapse.

6. Severe uterine reversal

When women are pregnant, if the uterus has uterine fibroids, congenital deformities, or ovarian tumors, the uterus is reversed by more than 90 degrees, which may cause acute stomach pain. In severe cases, it may also cause pregnant mothers to shock or fetuses.In distress and other situations, as for the abdominal pain caused by mild uterine to reverse, you can use bed rest, painkillers and change the posture of pregnant mothers to improve.Caesarean section can be performed at the same time.

Precautions for stomach pain in pregnant women

There are many precautions for pregnant women. After pregnancy, in order to ensure the health of the fetus and pregnant women, pregnant women need to be very careful regardless of whether they are clothing, clothing, and transportation.

We should pay more attention to the situation of pregnant women’s stomach pain, because accidental mothers may face extremely serious consequences.So what should pregnant women pay attention to?

There are many causes of abdominal pain in expectant mothers. Pregnant women should go to the hospital for detailed examination.

If it is determined that it has nothing to do with the fetus, the causes of abdominal pain are flatulence, bowel spasm, appendicitis and bacterial dysentery.

Pregnant women with symptoms of abdominal pain cannot be delayed to seek medical treatment to prevent the disease from deteriorating. Some severe cases may also cause peritonitis due to perforation of appendicitis, causing premature fetal birth.

The biggest cause of gastrointestinal discomfort is indigestion, which usually does not require drug treatment.Just reduce the intake of high -fat foods in your diet and avoid spicy foods and drinks containing caffeine.

At the same time, increasing the intake of high fiber food can slow down the problem of constipation caused by indigestion.To make a small amount of meals, you can eat four or five meals a day, and the amount of each meal is reduced.

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