What happened to the trouble of couples who are not pregnant when they are not going smoothly. What is going on in this situation?

Since ancient times, raw children have always been the result of the joint efforts of men and women. For men, healthy semen can increase the chance of pregnancy.disease.And understanding that semen is not liquefied, it is important for male friends. So, what is going on without liquefaction of male semen?

The process of liquefaction of male semen is a normal physiological phenomenon and a necessary condition for smooth pregnancy.If you want to get pregnant smoothly, the sperm liquefaction state can successfully cross the female reproductive trail to the uterus, and finally combine the fallopian tube with the egg.In this process, sperm liquefaction is more important and can increase the chance of pregnancy.

When men start to discharge sperm, it is liquid, with strong liquidity, and increases the speed of sperm.If the semen is very sticky when it is expelled, it is difficult to move sperm, and it cannot be easily left to leave the semen, so it is important to liquefy male semen.

Women’s vagina itself has defense function, which will resist semen outside the uterine mouth, and the liquefied sperm activity is strong, which can better enter the uterus.

1. Normal physiological phenomenon

Under normal circumstances, men’s semen is liquefied when the body is just discharged, and then it will solidify into jelly or block -shaped in a short period of time.The process of liquefaction is the liquefaction of semen.

2. Pathological phenomenon

If the semen is discharged from the body, it will be jelly -like for more than thirty minutes, clinically called semen without liquefaction.

The secretions of prostate and seminal vesicles participate in the solidification and liquefaction process of semen. The solidification factors produced by the seminal vesicles cause semen solidification, and the liquefied factor of the protein decomposition enzymes and soluble fibrinase produced by the prostate cause semen liquefaction.

Therefore, when the seminal vesicles or prostate inflammation occurs, the secretion of the coagulation factors produced by the seminal vesicles will cause obstacles, causing increased coagulation factors or reduced liquefaction factors, which forms not liquefied semen.

In the process of semen non -liquefaction, sperm activity deteriorates, reducing the chance of combining with eggs, which leads to male infertility.

1. Cause treatment

When inflammation of the seminal vesicles or prostate, it will affect the liquefaction of semen and cause male infertility. Therefore, when the patient has prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis and other diseases such as urological systems, treatment should be performed.

2. Improve living habits

In life, we need to improve some bad habits, such as staying up late, drinking and smoking, and masturbation. Therefore, we must ensure that adequate sleep time, smoking quitting and drinking, strengthening physical exercise, and a balanced diet.

3. Artificial insemination

If the condition is serious, the treatment effect is not good, or it is not liquefied by semen, but the sperm is very healthy, and you can also adopt the method of artificial insemination to help pregnancy.

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