What if progesterone is stable during pregnancy?Try these two methods

In daily life, people are still unfamiliar with the word progesterone, but low progesterone is quite harmful for women.In this regard, everyone should first know what is progesterone?

Popularly speaking, when a woman is pregnant and the baby is still in the initial embryo, it is necessary to use progesterone to absorb the nutrients needed by their own growth. In a simple word, it is a nutritious medium between the fetus and the mother.

At the same time, in the process of women’s pregnancy, it can also stimulate the uterus and promote its changes. In addition, it can also increase the blood vessels of the reproductive system, and then the blood flows into the embryo.As a result, nourish the embryo and enable it to develop better.

Theoretical analysis is that if women are low during women’s pregnancy, they cannot guarantee the supply of fetal nutrition, so the fetus cannot grow.Another situation is that women have abortion suddenly, and her progesterone is extremely low within a few tens of days before pregnancy, which is the effect of progesterone.After women are pregnant, if progesterone is too low, it will cause abortion.

First, pay attention to diet. Do not eat cold foods, eat less seafood foods, especially crabs, tadpoles, etc., and it is necessary to match the vegetarian and vegetables.In addition, soy milk is a good drink that supplements natural progesterone. You can drink more on weekdays.

Second, it is the most important thing to rest during pregnancy. Therefore, do not do some intense exercise during this time, let alone intercourse.

From the above, it is known that low progesterone is very harmful to women’s health, so the examination of progesterone is particularly important.

First of all, once a woman decides to prepare for pregnancy, when a personal menstruation, the progesterone content must be checked.

Secondly, check your own progesterone content in the first three months of pregnancy, so that you can find problems in your body early.However, if women have undergone abortion surgery or do not come on time before their menstruation before pregnancy, they should be checked earlier.

There is a healthy little baby who believes that this is the wish of every parent. Therefore, when preparing to welcome a small life, you need to do a good job of related health examinations and pay attention to the problems you need to pay attention to.This is not only responsible for yourself, but also responsible for your child.

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