What is going on with breast tenderness often before menstruation?Is it related to gynecological diseases?

When many girls are not married, they will often have breast bloating and pain before menstruation. Parents will say that they will be fine after marriage, but if they are still like this, this may be a lesion, which needs to be alert.

Previous breast pain is an early and important signal of gynecological diseases.Strictly speaking, female breasts are part of the reproductive system, which is greatly affected by estrogen.If the endocrine system or ovarian function of the body is disordered at a certain stage, it will have an impact on the menstrual cycle and breast tissue, which will cause a series of lesions. The most common, the lightest symptoms are pre -menstrual bloating.

A few days before the menstrual menstruation often occur, breast pain often occurs, and this breast pain disappears naturally after menstruation.Many women think that this is not treated with a normal phenomenon before. As a result, after age, it is easy to develop serious gynecological diseases such as uterine fibroids, breast hyperplasia, and even gynecological tumors.

Many infertile women have breast tenderness for a long time. Their estrogen and progesterone are often unbalanced, and prolactin will also be abnormally secreted. There are many patients with breast tumors.Phenomenon is not paid attention to.Therefore, women who have abnormal breast pain should be alert to improve their taboos to avoid delays to delay the illness!

First of all, the breast tenderness is painful 3 days before menstruation. It may be that the menstruation is about to come or have an early pregnancy. This is normal.However, some people have breast pain too early, such as breast pain after menstruation or after ovulation, and it will hurt if wearing underwear or touching. This phenomenon is pathological.Infertility and breast tumors.

If the necessary conditioning or treatment is not given, more discomfort will occur, such as: headache, irritability, insomnia, and even pain, mild swelling, and so on.These symptoms gradually disappeared after menstruation, once monthly, and repeatedly occurred. Medically, it was called early stress syndrome.

In the long run, breast disease will be formed. The most common is breast hyperplasia. Menstruation may also be disordered. Menstrual disorders or amenorrhea occur, which causes infertility.

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