What is going on with low abdominal pain leucorrhea with low back pain?

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When there are some problems with gynecology, we should check and treat it in time. Although some conditions often occur, if it does not attract enough attention, it may cause serious problems. Some women often experience more leucorrhea and small abdominal pain.Phenomenon, this may be pelvic inflammatory disease, maybe it is related to different living habits, but many people don’t know, so what’s going on with small leucorrhea and small abdominal pain?What is the problem with low abdominal pain leucorrhea accompanied by low back pain?

What’s wrong with small abdominal pain leucorrhea?

1. Pregnancy

For small abdominal pain and leucorrhea, it may be related to pregnancy. It is recommended to measure early pregnancy or check HCG.If you are pregnant, menstruation is generally delayed.If your monthly period, or even more than a week, there is a situation where small abdominal pain and leucorrhea occur. It is recommended to exclude the possibility of pregnancy.

2. Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease

Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease is a common gynecological disease, mainly due to pelvic cavity infection caused by inflammation. Generally speaking, the high -incidence of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease is a woman who has already had.When suffering from chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, in addition to the symptoms of small abdominal pain leucorrhea, menstrual irregularities may also occur. In addition, patients will feel tired.

3. Chronic cervicitis

Most of the chronic cervicitis is caused by equipment damage. For example, if the abortion surgery, it may also cause certain damage to the cervix. If it is not treated well, it will easily lead to chronic cervicitis.When suffering from chronic cervicitis, patients will experience symptoms of leucorrhea and small abdominal pain.

When the symptoms of small abdominal pain leucorrhea have many symptoms, it may also be related to endometritis. In addition to the symptoms of small abdominal pain leucorrhea, this inflammation can also observe the color of the leucorrhea is pale yellow and even blood leucorrhea.And during the menstrual period, there will be too much menstrual flow and dysmenorrhea, and everyone must pay attention to it.

What is the reason for small abdominal pain leucorrhea with low back pain?

Frequent abdomen pain and leucorrhea are accompanied by low back pain. Female friends cannot rule out the existence of gynecological diseases.

1. First of all, female friends should pay attention to whether the body has vaginitis and whether there is vaginal itching in the near future.In addition, you should pay close attention to whether you have symptoms such as low fever and weakness, because these symptoms are mostly related to bacterial infections, which is likely to cause inflammation and pelvic cavity and fallopian tubes.After hurting the neighboring organs, the systemic symptoms are very obvious, so it is recommended that female friends may wish to attach more attention.

2. In addition to these conditions during diseases, ovulation, and menstruation, it may also be simply caused by excessive fatigue for women. If the body is not obviously discomfort, it is recommended that female friends do not have to worry.However, in life, we must pay close attention to the hygiene of private parts to avoid vaginal humidity due to the increase in vaginal secretions. This is the best place for bacterial reproduction. Only timely cleaning can avoid diseases.

Finally, Xiaobian reminds everyone that there are many reasons for leucorrhea, pain, and even low back pain. It may be that the increase in leucorrhea caused by increased estrogen secretion during pregnancy, and the cause of sexual life.Gynecological disease.Therefore, I hope everyone will go to the hospital as soon as possible to take a examination and treatment.

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