What is going on without eating before giving birth?What is the reason why cows do not eat before giving birth?

In the process of raising cattle, everyone knows that there are four stomachs in cows, but cows are the most prone to do not eat during pregnancy, so I will help farmers to explain in detail the reasons and treatment of cows before giving birth.plan.

1. Temperature

The cows appear mentally dull during pregnancy and do not eat grass. First of all, we can give the cow’s lower body temperature. The normal body temperature of the cow for pregnancy is 38 ° C to 39.5 ° C. If the cow’s body temperature is lower than 38 ° C, it is low temperature.Can inject cows: camphor injections to warm up.If the cow’s body temperature is higher than 39.5 ° C, it is a fever, we can inject the cows: animal shepherd-hydrochloride injection (mixed suspension), and on the other side injection: composite vitamin B for treatment, as long as body temperature, as long as the body temperatureReturn to normal, and the amount of feeding can return to normal.

Second, stomach disease

During pregnancy, cows do not eat food, do not rehabilitate, and have bloating, that is, there is a problem with the stomach of the cow.At this time, we need to observe whether the cows have flatulence or accumulation of food. If it is not eaten caused by bloating of cow, then we can use the cow to fill it: eliminate bloating too much and treat.If it is caused by cows that do not eat, then we can take the cow to fill it: the accumulation of food is too guaranteed to treat it.For the gastric disease of cow, I still recommend that cattle farmers take prevention, so as to prevent cow stomach disease from affecting the growth and development of the fetus.We can mix the ingredients during the pregnancy of the cow: Mother An Tai Bao+Anbi Tai Bao, not only can prevent cows do not eat, but also enhance the immunity of cows and ensure the health of cows.

Third, constipation

The fetal cows are more and more likely to compress the gastrointestinal tract in the late pregnancy. Coupled with the small amount of exercise, constipation is prone to occur.In this case, we can appropriately reduce corn and soybean meal, allowing cows to eat more green grass and coarse materials.The dynasties must also strengthen the amount of exercise and drink water in the later stages of pregnancy.

The above are three problems before the cows do not eat before giving birth. Although this problem is not serious, the cows do not eat the most common during pregnancy, so everyone must keep in mind in the process of raising cattle.

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