What is good for the fetus during pregnancy?anythings need to pay attention?

During pregnancy, expectant mothers should pay more attention to food choices, and fruits should be essential for mothers during pregnancy. So what are the foods that are good for baby skin during pregnancy?What should I pay attention to?Let’s take a look together.

Foods with good baby skin during pregnancy:

1. Milk

Generally, expectant mothers during pregnancy In order to supplement the nutrition required on their bodies, they must drink some milk or milk powder during pregnancy. In addition to ensuring that expectant mothers have enough nutrition, in factbeneficial.Because milk contains rich amino acid components, it can enhance physical strength and moisturize the skin of the babies in the abdomen.

2. Little Tomato

Little tomatoes contain full lycopene. During pregnancy, mothers can eat, which can make their skin delicate and smooth, and there are a lot of vitamins in the small tomato, which can also meet the nutrition absorption of the baby in the belly.The baby’s skin will become fair and smooth.

3, kiwi

As one of the nutritious fruits, kiwi mothers may wish to eat more, because natural kiwi contains rich vitamin C. These vitamin C ingredients can prevent melanin production, and it can also effectively dilute the pregnancy during pregnancy.The spots on the face of mothers are not only good for mothers’ skin during pregnancy, but also have a whitening effect on the skin of the baby in the belly.

4, carrot

If you want the baby’s skin in the future during pregnancy, first as a expectant mothers, you must first be white, so you may try to eat an appropriate amount of carrots during pregnancy. Fresh carrots are not only rich in carotene ingredients, but everyone knows it knows itThere is also the effect of antioxidant, so eating a little every day during pregnancy can not only make her skin fair and smooth, but also the baby’s skin will be much more translucent in the future.

Pregnant women need to pay attention to these unsuitable matters:

1. It is not suitable for high -fat diet

If pregnant women’s long -term high -fat diet will lead to excessive cholesterol for pregnant women, increasing various hormones in the body, such as severe breast hormones, etc., will also induce hidden dangers of breast cancer, which is not conducive to the health of pregnant women and children.It can be seen that pregnant women do not have to eat high fat diet under normal nutrition. Proper consumption of fruits and vegetables makes various nutrients in the body uniform.

2. It is not suitable for high -protein diet

High -protein foods will increase gastrointestinal burden, difficult to digest, and will bring symptoms such as bloating, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, dizziness, fatigue, etc. to pregnant women and mothers. It will also cause the fetal skeleton to become stronger and affect the possibility of smooth delivery.Therefore, pregnant mothers should not eat high protein diet during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy to reduce protein intake.

3. It is not suitable for high sugar diet

High -sugar diet will not only cause high blood sugar in pregnant women, but also cause pregnant women to have an excessive weight fetus. Most symptoms such as fetal deformedness and gestational poisoning will occur in pregnant women with high sugar diet.In addition, the chance of peeling and gynecology in the fetus with high weight will also increase greatly, increasing the kidney burden function of pregnant women.

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