What is infertility in today’s society?Moxibustion helps to get pregnant!

Heaven and earth creatures, the fetal eggs are stupid, all of them are self -raising.Anyone who has a woman will have fertility,

The principle of naturalization of nature is common in ancient and modern times.

—— "Prepare the Essence of the Earth"

Naturally, women’s fertility is nothing.If you compare children to farmers, high -quality seeds (sperm) can be planted in fertile land (uterine) to fruitful (smart descendants).

What is infertility in modern society?

However, with the changes in the social era, people’s lifestyle changes, and there are more and more infertility: women’s fertility has decreased, abortion, sliding tires, and dead tires; men’s sperm vitality decreases, less essence and weak spermThe situation of harmonious sperm has long been commonplace.

The body of pregnancy is the foundation of fetal development. The peaceful constitution of pregnant women is the best environment for fetal growth. Women’s uterus is the best feng shui of the baby.How to prepare for pregnancy to give birth to a healthy and intelligent baby?

Benefit of moxibustion to help pregnancy

Young parents, if planned to bred the next generation, regulate female constitution before pregnancy, so that it will tend to be "Yin Ping Yang’s Secret".Prepare earlier and formulate a moxibustion plan. At least three months can effectively increase the surrogacy rate.

The expectant mothers insist on moxibustion. There is the following advantages to relieve the harm caused by Gong Han to health. The impact of cervical inflammation on "kiss of life" can make the fallopian tubes more unblocked and ensure the fertilized eggs and effectively regulate the femaleThe level of pregnancy hormones, ensure the stability of pregnancy during pregnancy, condition the spleen and stomach function of the pregnant mother, so that the pregnant mother has better appetite, so as to better absorb the fine food and ensure that the health of the fetus greatly reduces the reaction of pregnancy during pregnancy.

The prospective dad insists on moxibustion and has the following benefits: the function of strengthening the spleen and stomach, and providing sufficient energy for the growth of sperm growth, which can make the sperm "strive to go upstream"

How do moxibustion help for pregnancy?

Acupoints: Guan Yuan, Zhongli, Shenxuan, Moisture, Uterine, Middle Polar, Badao Point, Sanyinjiao

Kidney deficiency type: add Shenshu, Mingmen, Qihai, blood sea, Zhaohai

Liver depression type: plus Sanyinjiao, Zhaohai, blood sea, Taichong

Phlegm and dampness: add spleen, cell palace, curved bone, Shangqiu, Fenglong, Guan Yuan, Zusanli

Endometrial thickening: Zhongli, Shenxuan, Guan Yuan, uterus, return, Badong acupoints, Zusanli, Sanyinjiao, hidden white

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