What is polycystic, tubal adhesion, polyps?I am pregnant, treatment and precautions are as follows

You see, Chen Haomin’s wife Jiang Lisha had 4 years in a caesarean section in 5 years.Regardless of other, the figure alone attracted an old mother to envy, jealousy and hate!

I have been preparing for pregnancy since I got married at the age of 24, but I still have no pregnancy after more than a year.

In 2016, I walked into the hospital for the first time and found that there were three reasons for knowing that I was infertile, namely the polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), bilateral fallopian tube adhesion, and endometrial polyps.

Before that, I always felt that I was very healthy, and I had never been pregnant before. I had no problem except fat.This result is obviously beyond my imagination.When I went home, I discussed with my lover, and decided to treat it quickly, because my husband and I were only children. The elderly on both sides urged us to bring them early after we got married.

After getting Sun Sun, it feels like every day. How powerful do you urge before, do you understand?

The lucky thing is that I found a good doctor. Director Deng Guiling was the highest pregnancy rate of their reproductive department. The difficulty is that I am a person who is afraid of injections and medicine but has to have surgery …

The mood is very complicated …

At that time, it was almost the same as that of the Yueyue in "The Yuan Yuan Yuan", it was sorrow.

After a minimally invasive surgery, after solving the fallopian tube adhesion and the polyps of the uterine cavity, I rely on the drug conditioning polycystic. The work is busy.Forgot, I am really lazy when I go home and lie on the bed. I don’t want to eat it. I always feel that eating less and a little bit is okay?As a result, the remaining medicines were wasted.

Now I know that this luck is really dead. One month after the operation, the fallopian tubes were adhered again.

There was no way, once again a fallopian tube separation surgery, seeing the hope of promoting hope, and also perforation of ovarian.

I was really scared this time. I took the medicine on time on time. This time I recovered very well, and there was no problem during the review.

After surgery, ovulation -promoting, the follicles develop well, just start to try pregnancy.

Now I see a lot of sisters’ ovulation and test strips. At that time, I was like this at that time!

Fortunately, I have finally obeyed the clouds now, and I am pregnant!

That kind of mood is really excited. Now I am the key protection target of the whole family, let alone be careful …

Send a B -ultrasound alone, hoping that the sisters like me can get pregnant as soon as possible, smooth and neat!

I saw a lot of sisters with polycysts in the forum, and they were worried about the early pregnancy after treatment.

But in fact, you don’t have to worry so much. The most worried about polycystic ovary syndrome is irregular menstruation and infertility. Since you are pregnant, you don’t have to worry too much.

Pay attention to nutritional balance and psychological regulation.You can measure the basal body temperature yourself. Note that if you have abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, or significantly lower body temperature, you must go to the hospital as soon as possible to avoid abortion.

In addition, the five key precautions are also careful:

1. Within three months after pregnancy, after seven months of pregnancy, you need to have a taboo sex life and avoid abortion.

2. From the beginning of the plan to start pregnancy, start oral 0.4mg folic acid tablets (the big name is reliable, and the small white bottle is also good.), Keep orally until the end of the three months of pregnancy to avoid fetal nervous tube deformities.

3. You can go online, but you can’t sit for a long time.Work fatigue and excessive tension, sedentary is the main cause of miscarriage, not the radiation of the computer.

4. Diet taboo tobacco and alcohol, spicy and greasy foods, eat more vegetables and fruits to supplement vitamins to ensure that the stool is not dry.

5. Starting attention from pregnancy during pregnancy, do a good job in advance for check -in on time, do not miss it.

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