What is the abortion?

Qi relicing abortion means that in the early days of pregnancy, there is no fetal germination heart, or the length of the fetal buds exceeds 5-7mm or more without seeing the fetal heart, or the fetal heart has disappeared before, and the blood HCG decreases.die.The embryo has died in the palace, but it has been muscular in the uterine cavity for a long time and cannot be discharged for a long time and did not discover it in time, causing abortion.Qi retention is a special type of miscarriage, also known as expired abortion and embryo.

There is a factor that is a natural miscarriage, which causes the abortion. It is not very different from other forms of natural miscarriage.Most of the causes of abortion are related to the poor quality of the embryo, infection of bacteria, viruses, etc. during pregnancy, and it is a natural elimination phenomenon.When the embryo stops developing, some patients may have symptoms of vaginal bleeding or abdominal pain, but a considerable part of the patient has no obvious symptoms. It is found that the embryo has been stopped during examination.

There are many reasons for leaving abortion, and the more common relationship with embryo chromosomes is extremely closely related.If pregnant women suffer from severe diabetes, autoimmune diseases, pre -thrombosis status, severe infection, etc., embryos or fetal development may be stopped.

In addition, uterine development, excessive tension, excessive mental stress, environmental pollution, etc. may also affect embryonic or fetal development, and eventually lead to stopping development.

When the B -ultrasound is diagnosed, it must be given as soon as possible after the abortion. The treatment of abortion is more difficult than ordinary artificial abortion. Because the placenta tissue is machinery, it is closely adhesive to the uterine wall, resulting in difficulty in surgery, and it is easy to cause severe bleeding.Therefore, the general abortion needs to be hospitalized, and the pregnancy flow is used to terminate the pregnancy.

The occurrence of embryos may be related to the weak endometrium of the patient itself. Therefore, clinically, after the clearance surgery, doctors give the drug to the endometrium of the uterine to help the endometrium growth and recovery.In addition, pay attention to prevent abnormal coagulation function during surgery. Anti -infection drugs need to be given after surgery. After abortion, the pregnancy of pregnancy needs to be sent to the pathological test to find the cause of women’s abortion.

After an abortion occurred, you can first check the chromosomes of both husband and wife, and take a exclusive examination. After the reason is found to be pregnant, it will be conducive to the normal development of the fetus in the next pregnancy and avoid the occurrence of abortion.After pregnancy again, intervention and treatment should be interfered as soon as possible. It is generally recommended to get pregnant again at least half a year.A few people found that they were pregnant again a month after the abortion surgery. This child can stay, and there are generally no problems.

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