What is the best suitable for brown sugar water?There are still differences

Brown sugar can nourish qi and blood, which is an indispensable nourishing product for women.When is the best for women to drink brown sugar water?

When is the best brown sugar water?

Experts believe that when drinking brown sugar water should be differently treated according to individual constitution and situation differences:

1. Every menstrual period must have dysmenorrhea

Most of these groups of people are cold and constituents. When calculating their menstrual period, they should do a good job of health care in advance.These tasks include drinking brown sugar water in advance, warming the palace anti -spasm, and not too tired at the same time, work for a long time, and not to swim or take a cool bath. Do a good job of keeping warm.Dysmenorrhea.During the menstrual period, the habit of drinking brown sugar should also be kept in order to continue to warm the palace to ensure the effect of dysmenorrhea prevention.

2. The crowd of occasional dysmenorrhea caused by some reasons

For such people, dysmenorrhea does not require too much worry due to some inappropriate behaviors before menstrual period. If you have dysmenorrhea due to accidental cold, you can warm the water bottle when you feel painful., Do not need to drink for a long time, and do not need to drink every time.

3. People who have started dysmenorrhea in the late period of menstruation

Some people will start dysmenorrhea at the end of the menstrual period, so there is no need to drink brown sugar water in advance. Drinking the effect at the beginning of the menstrual period may be better.

Consumption taboo of brown sugar ginger water

1. Do not drink brown sugar ginger water before going to bed. In this way, it is likely to make us too much sugar reserves in our body. If this is the same for a long time, it may cause diabetes. At the same time, it may also cause other symptoms such as weight and dental caries.

2. Those with yin deficiency, those with poor digestive and patients with diabetes remember not to drink brown sugar ginger water, because ginger has the effect of improving the virtual fire in our body.

3. During the medication, do not drink brown sugar water.Because the drugs we take when we are sick have a strong effect, and the general medicine cannot be taken at the same time as other medicines.

4. Try not to drink brown sugar ginger water during pregnancy, because brown sugar ginger water has a certain effect on the fetus.

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