What is the cause of low back pain in pregnant women?How to relieve the backache of pregnant women?

Pregnant women are a special amount. Compared with normal people, their physical resistance is poor, and their bodies have the presence of babies, so many things need to pay special attention to.Many pregnant women will have back pain during pregnancy, which will cause a panic for many people.So what is the cause of low back pain in pregnant women? Let’s take a look.

If pregnant moms are insufficient, they will cause the body’s basic physical strength.If you decrease in physical strength, you cannot maintain a normal posture, so it is easy to get back pain.

The impact of the uterus and fetus can also cause low back pain for pregnant moms.

But the symptoms of abdominal pain and backache increase the pain of pregnant women during pregnancy. So what method should we use to reduce or eliminate this symptom? The following editors recommend a few small secrets to pregnant mothers.

Pregnant women should pay attention to rest during pregnancy

Pregnant women maintain adequate rest during pregnancy.When pregnant women have symptoms of abdominal pain and backache during pregnancy, they must stop activity. They usually try to move as little as possible. Pay attention to rest and rest. Don’t work too much.In order to achieve the purpose of activity, do some simple and easy household chores, and walk appropriately.

Master the method of relieving abdominal pain and backache

Pregnant women’s sleeping position during pregnancy can also cause abdominal pain and backache.When pregnant women sleep, they should take a sleeping posture on the left side. When sitting, she should put a soft pillow on the waist, so as to reduce the pressure on the waist and avoid waist acid.You can also apply the sore area or gently massage with a hot towel to relieve pain.

Alert to abnormal situations

Generally, under normal circumstances, the symptoms of abdominal pain and backache during pregnancy are normal physiological pain, but they must also be alert to abnormal situations, that is, pathological pain.If pregnant women feel abdominal pain, strong fall, backache, and even symptoms of fainting, vaginal coffee, brown discharge, pregnant women must go to the hospital for examination in time to avoid the consequences of miscarriage.Especially during the high incidence of abortion in the first three months of pregnancy, pregnant women should pay special attention.

Ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is a serious threat to women’s bodies. When women’s fallopian tube rupture causes major bleeding in the pelvic cavity, it can easily lead to fainting and shock.Thus threatening the life of women.So when women have back pain, it is best to go to the hospital for B -ultrasound.

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