What is the cause of pregnancy after ligation?Do you have an impact on men’s function?

It is estimated that many people have heard such a story: After Valentine’s Day, the woman told the man that he was pregnant, but the man said that he had ligated and could not give birth at all ….When you can get pregnant, some people think that ligation is equivalent to castration. This idea is also incorrect. Today, for these issues, let’s talk about ligation issues. First of all, let’s understand the principle!

Ligrent principles

In fact, there is a difference between the ligation of men and women. Many men care about whether the ligation will affect the function of men. Here we will talk about it: here:

1. Male ligation

This is a relatively simple operation. It can be completed in about half an hour. Anesthesia needs to be performed. Generally, it is anesthesia, but if the patient is sensitive to pain or psychological obstaclesPainless ligation.

The traditional surgical process is to open a small hole on the surface of the male scrotum, pull out the vasters, cut off a short section, and then suture the wound in the two sections, or complete the ligation of both sides in the single incision in the scrotum. This surgery will sperm sperm sperm.The transmitted channel block can achieve contraceptive effects.

Nowadays, it is mostly a knife -free ligation surgery. Although there are still wounds, it is relatively small. It cannot be seen after surgery. It is safer than traditional ligation surgery, and there is less likely to occur after surgery.

Discussing male ligation, most people are most concerned about the function of men?Will you get pregnant after ligation?

After male ligation, doctors generally recommend that men start sex after 1 week of rest, and they can function normally after ligation, and men will not be affected by any.The surgery is only to block the passage of the sperm, and the male hormone produced by the testicles is blood transmission, which has nothing to do.However, there are also some men who are too concerned and sensitive, and may have a psychological impact, but they can be recovered after a period of time. The so -called ligation will affect the function of men’s function.

This is possible for whether you can still get pregnant after ligation. After the ligation is completed, it takes about 15-20 times to discharge the original sperm. ThereforeYou can also wait until three months to test to determine whether you can consider contraception.

In addition, some people may ask: Where did the sperm after ligation go, won’t it block the swelling?

In fact, once men ligate, the production of sperm will decrease, less and less, and the epididymis will be absorbed, and the original vasters will not be blocked.

2. Female ligation

In comparison, women ligation is more complicated than men, so the cost is higher, and the chance of sequelae is higher than that of men. Therefore, if the doctor considers the ligation surgery of both men and women to contraception, priority is that men perform surgery.

Surgery generally uses general anesthesia or semi -hemp. Surgery is performed through the abdomen or vagina to ligate the fallopian tubes so that the eggs cannot pass, and the surgery can be achieved.A minimally invasive surgery of laparoscopy.

Can unmarried men or women ligation?

Some people will ask if unmarried men and women can be ligated. First of all, they can be ligated from the surgery, but generally not ligated, because there may be regrets. At this timeIt’s troublesome to dredge it. It cannot be guaranteed to conceive, and you need to consider it with caution, and the doctor will not recommend this.

Unmarried men and women with certain situations can also be ligated, such as genetic diseases, infectious diseases, mental illness, etc. This requires certain proofs and takes relevant procedures to perform ligation.

In addition, it is necessary to understand that ligation surgery is different from condom contraception. It can only have the effect of contraception. The effect of protective infectious diseases is not. Risky behaviors still need to be used for protection measures.

Licciation sequelae and complications

The sequelae of the sequelae of the ligation are different, and the men and women are different. We also say separately

1. Sequelas of sequelae of male ligation

Men ligating surgery is high, and the surgery is relatively simple. There is almost no complications. The wound of the surgery is small and shallow. Generally, there is no need to be hospitalized. Individual people may have hematoma, local infection, etc.Take antibiotic solution.

2. Women’s ligation sequelae

Women’s ligation requires laparoscopy, three wounds on the stomach, 2-3 days of hospitalization to be discharged, and need to be recovered for a while.Because there are obvious wounds, infection, bleeding, and even abdomen adhesion occurs after surgery.Therefore, the consequences are pelvic pain, decreased desires, menstrual changes, abdominal pain, etc. When necessary, it may need to be treated again.

Through the above method of ligation of men and women, we can find that men’s and women’s ligation surgery has good contraceptive effects, and has the characteristics of recovery. If it is considered from the advantages and disadvantages, the male ligation is given priority. This is because:

The side effects of male ligation are small. On the one hand, the effect of contraception can almost reach 100 %. Don’t worry about "making trouble"; in addition, it will not affect the function, especially the side effects of the surgery.

Is the probability of pregnancy after ligation?

Back to the joke we said at the beginning, is there a possibility of pregnancy after ligation? Indeed, no matter whether a male ligation or a female ligation, after the surgery is successful, the contraceptive effect is more than 90%, which is more compared to other contraceptive methods.High.

But pregnancy is still possible after ligation. On the one hand, we said earlier. After a male ligation, there are sperm, which may still be pregnant during this time.In addition, there is a special case in clinical practice that the cut tubes and fallopian tubes that are cut off are likely to be connected by themselves. This situation is relatively rare and generally does not happen.Therefore, it is best to wait for 2-3 months after ligation.

Can I regret it after ligation, can I still recover?Is the probability of restoring normal?

The concept of human beings will change. If the ligation is regretted, can men and women lust be restored?For example, if the family who wants to think of Dink suddenly wants the baby, or the husband and wife divorce, and then marry or marry and want to get pregnant, can it be easily recovered?

Both men and women are actually possible to recover, but the method of use is different:

Men’s ligation and resurgence surgery is much more difficult than ligation. It even needs to perform micro -surgery. The chance of connecting is about 80%, but if women are pregnant, the probability will be lower. According to the statistical connection, there will be half within 5 years after the statistical connection.The probability of conception, and as time increases, the chance of conception will decrease significantly.

The success rate of women’s ligation is very low, because it needs to be carried out, it is more likely to have accidents. At present, IVF can be considered, but the price is more expensive and easy to conceive.

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