What is the cold in winter and fear of cold?Chinese medicine believes that these 5 reasons are making strange!

January 07, 2019

In the cold winter, some people will have chills and cold. Not only are the temperature decrease, it is also possible to indicate that the occurrence of certain diseases, what caused the cold and cold.

What are the reasons for cold and cold in winter?

1. The body is too thin

People with too thin their bodies and too little muscle weight, muscles can produce heat, fat can be isolated from the outside world. If it is too light, there is no enough fat and muscle to resist cold.In addition, you can not provide sufficient calories for your body without eating breakfast. In addition, without sufficient sleep, it will reduce blood flow, leading to small arterial blood contraction, which causes cold.

2. The speed of metabolism is relatively slow

During pregnancy and menstrual period, estrogen changes differently, which affects the nervous system, reduces blood flow and subcutaneous blood vessel contraction, and causes cold.In addition, women do not like exercise to reduce the production of calories. When the amount of exercise is insufficient, it will affect the blood circulation of the whole body, which will cause the cooler of the peripheral nerve to become cold.

3, body iron deficiency

After studying, it was found that the iron contained in the blood of people who were afraid of cold, and the thyroid hormone in the plasma was low.Generally, there are fewer people with iron deficiency people, which affects the ability of blood to carry oxygen and cause the tissue metabolic function to disorders. Once the calories are insufficient, the whole body will be cold.In addition, the blood circulation of the peripheral of people with low blood pressure is insufficient, so that the tissue cannot obtain sufficient oxygen and energy, leading to chills.

4. Kidney yang deficiency or insufficient yang qi

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, chills and cold are mainly caused by anemia or kidney yang deficiency, because insufficient yang qi cannot resist the invasion of the cold, so that the body is afraid of cold. Such people can use Chinese medicine to conditionEssence

5, insufficient secretion of thyroxine

When the secretion of thyroid hormones is insufficient, some blood circulation will be affected, and the response to cold is enhanced because of insufficient heat production.Generally, the level of female female hormones will be reduced, which will affect the stability of the nerve blood vessels and cause patients to cause cold, back pain, and pain in hand and feet.Thyroxine has the effect of raw heat, which can enhance the ability of basic metabolism, accelerate skin blood circulation, and provides heat for the body. Once the thyroid secretion is insufficient, people will be afraid of cold.

Kind tips

You can soak your feet with hot water before going to bed every night. You can also add safflower and ginger to hot water. It will be better to take 30 minutes per day for exercise to improve the blood circulation speed of the whole body. UsuallyMassage and pay attention to the warmth of the body.

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