What is the credibility of fetal dreams?Can fetal dream predict the baby’s life?

I think most of the mother will have a baby dream when she is pregnant? It will also speculate on whether she is male or female based on the baby dream.Is the baby dreams accurately?

Pregnant women’s baby dreams are inaccurate, and there are no exact answers so far.Dream itself is a complicated psychological activity. The scientific community has not revealed all mysteries so far in the exploration of dreams, and the dream of fetal dreams is different from ordinary dreams.Earth scientific theory to demonstrate the accuracy of fetal dreams

In the folk, there has always been a saying that the dream of fetal dreams is amazing and predictable.

Among them, the most widely circulated is … fetal dreams indicate the gender of fetal treasure, predict the baby’s future interest …

My heart is WTF, a dream sets my family’s life?

If you say that you dream of good things, it ’s scary, what should I do if I dream of bad things?

What is a fetal dream

Since ancient times, it has paid attention to fetal dreams regardless of oriental countries or western countries.Parents who are looking forward to and looking forward to their children are of great significance.

The dream of fetal dreams is actually the dream of pregnant mothers. It is only because the dreaming people are more special, and they have nothing to do.It, just a ordinary dream …

Why do you have a baby dream

Indeed, it is particularly easy to dream after pregnancy or even a nightmare.The main reasons are the low quality of sleep caused by hormone changes and the burden of body burden.

The hormone is still working hard when you fall asleep.After pregnancy, the changes in hormones such as progesterone and the increase of the body’s burden will cause pregnant mothers to sleep most of the time.Although humans are resting, although their bodies are resting, their spirit is still tight. A little stimulation will also make the pregnant mother’s cerebral cortex extremely active.

This not only increases the probability of pregnant mothers, but also is easy to have nightmares, and the dreams are also realistic and exciting.Pregnant mothers are also easily awakened … and after waking up, those dreams still have a deep impression.

The relationship between fetal dreams and boys and women

Dreams are both a physiological phenomenon and a psychological phenomenon. What kind of dreams are related to the desire, emotional state of the dreamer, and the recent irritating events that have occurred.The gender of the fetus is not determined by the desire of the parents. More often, the fetal dream is the continuation of a mothers or family in a sleep state, or a certain wish to achieve.

Types of fetal dreams

First, speculate the dream of gender.

From a psychological point of view, only very few dreams have predictive effects. Through dreams, the gender of the fetus can be speculated, not prediction.Generally, the dream of a boy or a girl does not have the meaning of speculating the gender of the fetus. Such dreams are just the expression of pregnant women’s wishes.

Second, a nightmare appears in the dream: dreams of being chased, falling, ghosts, etc.

Due to the changes in a series of physiological and psychological changes in pregnant women, the inner conflict that pregnant women have not resolved can cause nightmares, and nightmares can help release the mental stress of pregnant women’s subconscious consciousness.

Merbrock’s study found that when pregnant women have inner conflict, pregnant women who often have nightmares have a short production time, less complications, and confident pregnant women in nightmares have shorter production time.

Third, the dream of anxiety appears in the dream.Dreaming of robbers, fires, floods, earthquakes, etc.

The dream of anxiety generally reflects the worries of pregnant women’s health or complications and production, especially pregnant women who are pregnant for the first time are prone to anxiety dreams.

When pregnant women recognize the dream of anxiety, it will promote pregnant women to develop a healthy diet and living habits, learn to breed knowledge, and help pregnant women enter the role of mother smoothly.

If the nightmare and anxiety dreams are frequent, which seriously affects the emotions and normal life of pregnant women, you need to find the cause through the interpretation of dreams, and then conduct psychological guidance.

Fourth, dream of birth.

The dream that children are going to be born are often not expressed through the logic of reality, but through "out of the water". For example, fishing from the water, puppies, kittens coming out of the water, generally animals are generally animals from the water and the river in the river.The sea comes out of the sea, this is a typical dream of birth.

When the dream of birth can appear, it can be prepared to combine the due date.

The role of fetal dream

Professor who studied the psychology of human behavior stated:

(Fetal dream) can be interpreted as the continuation of some psychological activity in a dreamer in the state of sleep, indicating that they want to achieve some kind of desire, such as a boy or girl, what kind of person who wants children to be, and it is recommended that pregnant women do not take the dream of fetal dreams.See too mysterious.

But fetal dreams are indeed functional.

1. Understand yourself

Fetal dreams are also dreams. To some extent, dreams are the continuation and reflection of psychological activities.Dream is a kind of language to review yourself. You can understand your most authentic feelings, emotions, attitudes towards certain things, and sometimes you can even integrate the information you caught in unconsciously when you are awake.

For example, dreaming that the baby is rolled away by floods, it means that she is very worried and worry about the baby’s health and stability.She may have too much pressure on pregnancy, or she committed some taboos during pregnancy and then worried; it is possible that she actually unconsciously saw or felt some signs of physical signs.In the dream, integrate a conclusion similar to "fetal instability"; it may also be a dream that has nothing to do with itself, hearing or seeing other people’s cases, worrying about itself.

Sisters who can treat dreams objectively, if you remember dreams, you can write a baby dream diary, remember to see if you can know your hidden problems from the dream, and then improve it.

2. Entertainment yourself

If you go to the dream of "solving the dream", you must remember a premise and make yourself happy.

Take myself, I have a strange dream. For example, I dreamed that a horrible snake kept entangled in me and obviously felt suffocating. After I woke up, I felt affected.To happen.Well, I went to find a dreamer of the fetus. In a check, oops, the big python is having the meaning of Menbao.Very good, I am very happy ~ Then the whole person relaxed.

This kind of fetal dream is happy and relaxed, and it is very effective!

But if the fetal dream Daquan said that this is a bad sign, at this time, you must never care! I thought, the fetal dream has no predictive effect! If you do n’t help it, I think about it every day, and there is a dream of the next fetus! Look at it!What is the dream of your heart, just think of those things to look at those things, and you can make your dreams easily at night.

Since the pregnant mother, the entire concern has focused on the baby’s body.I think about it every day, dreams at night, and pregnant mommy with beautiful longing for dreaming is also normal to dream of the future baby.But things must be reversed. Some pregnant moms often affect sleep because of too much dreaming, so that they are not good at daytime.And if the pregnant mommy has some frightened and scary nightmares, it is not good for the pregnant mummy itself and the baby.

People have different opinions on fetal dreams, so it doesn’t matter no matter what kind of fetal dreams have, as long as we have a positive way of thinking.The prospective mother -in -law understands and explain the dream of fetal dreams, eliminating unnecessary mental burdens, health, and happily spending pregnancy. It is the most important.

Regardless of its accuracy, parents must have a normal mind, and do not over -entangle some bad signs. As long as they are scientifically prepared, they can be given birth.

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