What is the darker of the breast?How much is related to the life of husband and wife?Don’t be deceived by film and television dramas anymore

Mr. Xiao Zhang and Mr. Li were a pair of love periods. After graduating from college, the two were separated from the two places because of their work. They met rarely a year.

Five years later, the two finally came to a city. As the saying goes, they would have a long time to get married.Although he has been in love for many years, the relationship between the two is still hot.However, Mr. Li found in the life of a husband and wife that his girlfriend Xiao Zhang’s breasts were huge, and the nipples and surrounding skin were purple and black.

The unexpected discovery made Mr. Li rushing to Tian Linggai with anger, and asked Xiao Zhang in anger whether Xiao Zhang had lived with others before.Before Xiao Zhang reacted, Mr. Li yelled again whether he was pregnant and had a fetus.

Xiao Zhang’s whole Zhang and Er Monk couldn’t touch his mind and asked why he said that.The boyfriend bluntly said that her breasts are not right.Although Xiao Zhang, who knew she was wronged, did not know how to explain with her boyfriend.

Seeing Xiao Zhang silently, Mr. Li’s face was even more red. He thought that his girlfriend was guilty and he didn’t speak.When the emotion is about to appear crack, Xiao Zhang suddenly dresses clothes, and bluntly said that he didn’t believe it, so go to the hospital to check it.

The doctor first learned about the basic situation. He found that Xiao Zhang’s breasts had no masses, which was very healthy, so he checked the reproductive part.After some examination, the doctor bluntly said that Xiao Zhang had no experience in pregnancy and had not performed abortion surgery.

Mr. Li, who was slightly guilty, had to ask why Xiao Zhang’s young breasts changed color, isn’t it only when he is older to deepen the color?When I heard this, the doctor couldn’t help laughing. It turned out that the two came well for examinations for this reason.

After the doctor’s systematic explanation, Mr. Li scratched his head ashamed, his face blushed, and bluntly was his ignorance that caused this conflict.

In fact, the darker of the breasts is a thing that every woman can almost experience. Whether it is a woman or a male, they must correctly understand this to avoid unnecessary disputes.So what is the cause of breast discoloration?One article takes you to understand.

Generally, the breast changes we are talking about are actually more of the breast color, which is mainly reflected in the skin and the skin around the nipples.These two "circles" in the center of the breast are pigment -deep areas. This position has a lot of tiny granular nodules and is called "the isola gland".

After women enter adolescence, estrogen gradually increases.As the target organ of estrogen, under the continuous stimulation of gonad hormones, it has gradually developed, and the color of the nipple area gradually deepen.

Generally speaking, the girl’s nipples and their surroundings are mostly light brown red, and adolescence may be rose red.As the estrogen is continuously secreted or the cell aging, the melanin area of the nipple area is constantly deposited, and the color gradually deepen, becoming brown or dark brown.

For Xiaohong, she may be the more vigorous estrogen content in the body, which leads to deepening the color of the nipple and its surrounding skin and relatively large breasts.In fact, this is a very normal physiological phenomenon. Affected by many factors, almost every woman will experience this change.

From the above we can see that the color of the nipple is not formatting, and it is unchanged. It has a lot to do with the skin color.Affected by multiple factors such as genetics, physical fitness, and living environment, skin tone has obvious human differences.

For people with relatively lighter skin tone, the nipples and the surrounding skin will be relatively darker, and people with deep skin tone vice.In addition, when observing the color of areola, the light environment and personal color disciral ability will cause great differences.

In addition, with the improvement of age, women’s breasts will gradually increase physiological colors.Especially for women with pregnancy and lactation, at this time, estrogen and other gonad hormones in the body are at the peak period of secretion. A large amount of hormones will accelerate the deposition of melanin in the nipple area, resulting in worsening color.

However, many middle -aged women between 30 and 45 years old, even if they have not experienced any pregnancy activities, the nipples and surrounding skin will slowly deepen, changing from pink brown to dark brown.

For such women, if no lesions are found in the breast examination, it is reminded that the woman will have a "excessive" estrogen at this time.Perhaps after a period of self -regulation, the color will gradually return to normal, which is also a very normal physiological phenomenon.

What is mentioned is menopausal women. These friends have gradually shrinking ovarian, reduced estrogen secretion, and low hormone levels. The nipples and surrounding skin and even labia will gradually pink.

Therefore, for many friends who have been doubting the discoloration of the nipple area, most of the time can put their hearts in the stomach. This is a normal physiological phenomenon.

Of course, this does not mean that we can not pay attention to changes in breast color at all, because in some cases, it is also a warning from the body after pathological changes.

1. Proliferative lesions

If the color of the nipple area is deepened and the nipples and surrounding skin are unbearable with both sides and their surroundings. When checking the breasts, the bilateral or pure breasts have touched cysts or lumps.Disease.

Deepen the color of the nipple and surrounding skin indicates that the level of estrogen in the body is abnormally increased, resulting in diseases such as nodules, cysts, and hyperplasia.At this time, you have to pay attention to, because the estrogen stimulates the breast for a long time, macular cancer may occur.

2. Liver disease

Similar to the "spider mole" and "cinnabar palm" of male liver disease patients.

When female liver function decreases or even suffers from severe liver disease, estrogen cannot be normalized by the liver, thereby accumulating a large amount of accumulation at the breast, causing discoloration in the nipple area.

For the nipples and surrounding skin, the color of the skin is only deepened, and even the skin around the nipple area has a protruding nodule. However, it is not found that the breast may be found. At this time, it is possible to consider whether the patient has liver disease.

3. Benchous tumor ovarian tumor

If women suffer from a certain benign tumor, the increase in estrogen secreted by the ovaries will increase, which will also deepen the color of the nipple and its surrounding skin, and at the same time, there will be many small nodules around the areola.

Such patients should go to obstetrics and gynecology as soon as possible to find out the causes and treat them in time to prevent benign tumors from changing or continuing to interfere with basic physiological functions.

4. Nipple and surrounding skin keratosis

For female friends in adolescence and pregnancy, if their bilateral or unilateral nipples and their surrounding skin colors are significantly deepened or even dark, the local skin becomes rough, and it may also be keratizer in nipples and their surrounding skin.

This disease was discovered in 1938 that 80%of patients were women aged 20 to 30.The typical clinical manifestation is that the nipples and (or) surrounding skin appear keratinized plaques, and the pigment is deepened. Some patients will be accompanied by croar diseases and skin moles.

Because this disease is relatively rare, it is often mixed with black spiny skin diseases and skin dirt.

At present, the disease is not clear, and it may have a certain relationship with changes in estrogen levels.In addition, there is no special effects therapy for keratinization. It is commonly used for treatment of salicylic acid ointment, glucocorticoids, liquid nitrogen frozen, carbon dioxide laser, and cortex scraping.

However, it should be reminded that the treatment of this disease is long and it is easy to repeat after stopping the drug. Therefore, the treatment of drugs cannot be regarded as too effective.

In short, the deepening of most breasts is a relatively normal physiological phenomenon.In real life, you cannot recklessly link the breast color with the history of life and pregnancy.

In addition, in breast examination, we must pay attention to changes in the color of the nipple area, and observe whether it is physiological or pathological.If it is pathological, it is necessary to perform clear diagnosis and positive treatment according to the characteristics of its changes!


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