What is the difference between "oyster" and "oyster"?How to eat healthier?

Oysters are a kind of food that many people like to eat.Garlic, oysters, and fans are ingredients that must not be missing on the tables of people who love barbecue.

Many people’s awareness of oysters lies in: aphrodisiac.is this real?In daily life, how to eat oysters to be healthy and safe?For ordinary people, which aspect can they nourish the body?

Why are oysters aphrodisiac?

The growth and development of men have played an indispensable role in zinc.The oysters are the most richer foods in zinc, so rumors are slowly getting up.

But today I want to be popular. Eating oysters really cannot be aphrodisiac. Although zinc deficiency may cause male sexual ability, there is no evidence that zinc supplement can reduce sexual ability. These are two things. It cannot be generalized.

Oyster is only delicious?

Oyster is not only delicious, but also rich nutritional value.According to the average size, three shell oysters have about 200g of oyster meat. These oysters contain about 1174kcal heat, 3g of fat, and 22g of protein.11 times), the DHA and EPA necessary for children’s growth and development are also amazing. Three can probably meet the recommended intake of one day.

What is the relationship between oysters and oysters?

Oyster that can be eaten raw.

So judging that oysters and oysters are unscientific from the perspective of raw eating ~

Oyster has germs, can I still eat it again?

Most of the bacteria detected in the aquatic products are auxiliary hemolytic Kye. This germs are a kind of food -based pathogenic bacteria, which are generally distributed in aquatic products.

At present, the "Limited Limited Limited Food of Food Safety Standard Food" has been formulated at home and abroad. Generally, aquatic products purchased by regular manufacturers are not problems, and they can be eaten with confidence.

The oysters are delicious, how to eat healthier?


Oyster is a filter -feed animal that concentrated in large amounts of microorganisms in seawater, such as common pyrobody, norvi virus, and hepatitis A virus pollution.

So far, there is no technology to ensure that all oysters do not contain microorganisms, so it is very important to treat it after purchase.


When buying oysters, you should buy it in a regular supermarket or aquatic product market. When choosing, you must choose the oysters with closed shells.


In order to prevent cross -contamination of food during the storage and treatment of oysters, food treatment personnel also applied the covered utensils to carry the oysters and store them in the refrigerator.Keep good hygiene at all times, including cleaning your hands when dealing with oysters, using cleaning appliances, and rinse and washing housing when dealing with oysters.When turning on the shell, use clean protective gloves and disinfected shell to prevent injuries and infection.


Whether you eat oysters or eat at home, you must eat fresh and complete oysters.If you are a takeaway, pay attention to the overall situation of the oysters during the delivery, such as whether the temperature, whether the food container is complete, etc.

At the same time, it should be noted that oysters are high -purine foods. During the occurrence of gout, they cannot be eaten, and they must be strictly limited.

Therefore, for people with good health, oysters are a kind of seafood that can supplement some nutrients. Do not give the oysters so much.As long as you buy in regular channels in daily life, there is no problem with cleaning and cooking mature oysters.

Of course, the oysters are delicious, and the purine is relatively high. Pay attention to consumption ~


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