What is the fetus doing when the pregnant mother sleeps?9 types of fetal movements indicate that the fetus is healthy

Sister cousin is an elderly woman. She has always been very careful after pregnancy. She dares not be too tired in her life and work. After all, she is very old. She feels particularly hard during pregnancy.

Especially when she was sleeping at night, my cousin felt that the fetal movement became very active, and the fetal movement was more frequent than the daytime, and as she slept, the fetal movement did not become less, but it would increase.She felt that the fetal movement was particularly amazing, but she was also particularly disturbed. The fetal movement made her sleep seriously. She had to sigh, it seems that this is a naughty baby.

The activity of the fetus in the uterus is actually not as we imagined. The fetus has been sleeping. Even when the pregnant woman sleeps, the fetus is busy in the uterus. The fetus has its own entertainment activities.

1. The fetus is turning over.

The fetus in the middle of pregnancy loves to turn over. At this time, the amniotic fluid is sufficient, the fetus is small, and the activity space is more abundant.The fetus has the protection of amniotic fluid in the uterus. If the pregnant woman sleeps to switch to sleeping position, the fetus will turn over with the pregnant woman to find a more comfortable position.

2. The fetus is exercising.

If the fetus sleeps sufficient, then even in the night, he dances with the same hands. When many mothers sleep well, Leng Bobu is reminded by the baby, don’t sleep, get up to play with me.

3. The fetus is sleeping.If the fetus is the same as the mother, then the fetus will fall asleep when the pregnant woman sleeps.

4. The baby uses a small foot to catch the mother to hide and seek:

Whether my mother lay on the side, she would feel that the fetus’s little feet were moving.When the mother slept positively, the fetus kicked unexpectedly, and the mother was woke up in her sleep.Sometimes the baby’s little feet kick on the left, sometimes kicking on the right, just like her mother, and sometimes I ca n’t guess the baby ’s kicking side. This is the baby’ s baby told my mother how healthy me.

5. The jumping movement of the fetus:

Babies often push a bag on both sides of the mother’s belly, and the mother can touch this hard bag across the belly.If the mother stands, then the baby will follow the naughty manner, his head is facing up, and his butt is on the right side of the mother’s abdomen.

6. The baby wields his little fist to express his excitement.

When the baby moves, he also likes to touch the mother’s belly with a small fist. Sometimes it is gently touched, sometimes it is a few times in a row, or touched lightly.Especially after the fetus hears prenatal education music, fetal movements will become more active. Sometimes the baby will still pat his hands. This is the baby expressing excitement to the mother with a small fist.

7. The baby uses snoring to say that I am "eating."When the baby swallow amniotic fluid, the mother will feel.Mom will feel that the abdomen appears like a heartbeat, with rhythmic fetal movements. Each time it lasts for 3-7 seconds, it ends after repeating 3-5 times.In fact, this is the baby’s hiccup.

8. The fetus is playing umbilical cord.

The umbilical cord is the only toy in the uterus, making him happy.Sometimes, the fetus accidentally wraps her neck in, causing the umbilical cord to around the neck. Later, the fetus will also pass the fetal movement and go out of the umbilical cord. It is really a naughty baby.

9. The fetus is eating hands.

In fact, the fetus starts to become interested in her hands and feet in the uterus, and the fetus likes to suck her fingers.

Pregnant women during pregnancy are particularly curious about the activities of the baby’s uterus. In fact, fetal movement is a language that baby communicates and mothers.Fetal movement is fast, severity, number, form, frequency, and frequency, which shows the mood of the fetus.

When pregnant women encounter frequent fetal movements, they will worry about the fetal hypoxia. If the fetal movement is abnormal, the fetal movement will be reduced or the fetal movement is multiple times in a short period of time.

In fact, whether the fetal movement is active is related to many factors.After pregnant women eat, they will increase the oxygen supply of the fetus and the fetus will be more active.Plaigic music will also stimulate fetal movements. The fetus is excited.

When the fetus is sleeping, the fetal movement will be small.When the external environment is too noisy, it will affect the emotions of the fetus, and the baby will use fetal movements to express unhappiness.

If the fetus has these 10 fetal movements during pregnancy, it proves that the fetus is healthy and the energy will be very abundant. Even if the pregnant woman is sleeping, the fetal movement will not decrease.

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