What is the first preparation for pregnant mothers after pregnancy?It’s not buying infants and young children!

After finding up for more than two months of pregnancy in the hospital, Xiao Ya was happy to go to work. She went to the hospital and went to a large shopping mall to buy clothes for the baby.Unexpectedly, it was stopped by a good girlfriend who had already attended school.

Good girlfriends said that Xiaoya’s child’s childbirth period was in May, but the due date was only when the baby was probably born. At that time, the baby was likely to be born first, and might delay birth.The May temperature in the northern region is changing rapidly, and it is likely to be born a few days later. I could n’t wear it because I bought a spring and autumn costume for the baby. Therefore, clothes for children are not rushed to prepare for a while.

But good girlfriends suggested that Xiaoya bought some clothes and pants and shoes, and Xiaoya didn’t understand. She could wear it casually when she was pregnant. Isn’t it for buying clothes?In fact, there are also a lot of Bao mothers in this mental state. I always feel that I do n’t have to buy clothes and pants during pregnancy. In fact, the first thing that pregnant mothers know after they are pregnant are to prepare for pregnancy in advance. Why is this why?Woolen cloth?

In fact, we all know that women will have a series of changes after pregnancy. For example, the abdomen and breasts will become bigger and bigger. Some women will continue to be more and more afraid of high temperatures, and some women will have phenomenon of foot edema.Therefore, after getting pregnant, you need to prepare some clothes and pants. Although some women are not obvious at this time, the clothes are comfortable and can alleviate some discomfort during pregnancy.

When women are preparing to wear clothes, the main requirements for materials must be comfortable and breathable. It is best to choose more loose and comfortable clothes pants such as linen.Because women’s breasts will start to change after pregnancy, at this time, you need to buy underwear bras in moderation. It is best to choose the lingerie bra that can adjust the cup cover and the tightness.The bra.Because women’s secretions will increase after pregnancy, it is recommended that pregnant mothers recommend buying more underwear in order to replace them regularly.

Women’s shoes are also very important after pregnancy. It is best to choose shoes with thick bottoms, but because the lady will get bigger and bigger after pregnancy, it is best to choose a pedal shoes to avoid inconvenience to the laces.Although the pregnant mother’s feet may be swollen, the previous shoes may not be able to wear it, but wearing slippers may cause fatigue, but everyone does not recommend it.

Therefore, after pregnancy, the first thing to do is to prepare some clothes and pants for themselves. Even if they feel that the weight has not changed, high -heeled shoes, jeans, tights, and pants. Don’t wear such clothes and pants.

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