What is the first reaction after your husband knows that you are pregnant?High sweetness in front!I ate this wave of dog food

Pregnancy is a very happy thing for the family, because there is a new life in the stomach, which indicates the family inheritance.At this time, not only the pregnant woman was happy, but the behavior of some husbands also felt cute!However, of course, different husbands have different reactions after learning that their wives are pregnant, and a husband who is considerate and takes care of himself is needed by every pregnant woman.Let ’s take a look at the vomiting of netizens during pregnancy.Does your family have "the same husband"?

@Tomorrow is better: When there is a boss, we were still working in a unit at that time, and before the internship period, I was worried after the test was tested. I really don’t know what to do.After the hospital was checked, after the doctor confirmed that I was pregnant, my husband looked at me firmly: "Be sure to give birth to the child, can you pass the internship period." Later, the child was born smoothly. In addition, the internship period also passed smoothIt’s right.

@: During the first test, I found two bars, and her husband was excited for a night without sleeping. He was always smirking. Later, he might be afraid of affecting my rest and went to sleep in the living room.Seeing him like this, I was thinking: This stupidity is so cute.

@:: At that time, my husband was on a business trip in the field, and I told my husband on the phone: I’m pregnant!However, my husband on the side of the phone was afraid that he had heard it wrong, so I had to say about pregnancy a few times, so I could only repeat it 5 times.After confirming that it was true, my husband told me what I dreamed of my pregnancy last night. He said that it must be Harchi miss his father, haha!

@: At that time, my husband told my husband that after I was pregnant, my husband was more excited than me, and said that he had to prepare the baby’s things. I said: I don’t have to worry about it, and I will prepare it when the month is bigger.But the husband pretended to be angry: Isn’t it all to prepare a little bit and later?Can’t suffer my girlfriend or son!Seeing my husband so much, I was very happy.

Of course, after the mother is pregnant, she should pay attention to some matters while happy.For the baby in the stomach, the mother must make a big "sacrifice"!

1. Can’t take the medicine randomly

Pregnant women are special groups. Even if they have a cold, they cannot take medicine.Because pregnant women have many taboos, some antipyretic drugs, antibacterial drugs, and anti -inflammatory drugs are not suitable for pregnant women, which will affect the development of the fetus.Even if you need to take medicine, you need to be safe under the guidance of a doctor.

2. Pay attention to diet

After pregnancy, pregnant women will be a bit weak, so they should eat digestive foods in diet.In addition, in the summer, pay attention to the shelf life of food, and the deterioration foods can no longer be eaten, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, the fetus is still unstable, and accidents are prone to occur.

3. It is not advisable to watch TV for a long time

If pregnant women rest at home, there are not many things to do, and they cannot watch TV for a long time, because excessive use of the eyes will affect blood pressure.It is recommended not to watch TV for more than 2 hours. At the same time, do not watch some horror movies, thrilling movies, and too tragic programs. This is easy to feel emotional and affect the fetus.

4. Should not be too high in bathing water temperature

Take a hot bath to soothe fatigue, but when pregnant women take a bath, pay attention to the water temperature should not be too high.Because too high water temperature can cause harm to the fetus, which affects the child’s development.Therefore, it is recommended that the water temperature is close to the body temperature, that is, it is only below 38 degrees.

For many people, pregnancy is happy, because this is not only to welcome the arrival of new life, but also the moment of witnessing husband and wife love.It is necessary to mention here, whether the husband is an outgoing, introverted, or another type. In fact, it is extremely happy to know that his wife is pregnant, but the form of expression is different. Mom should not be too true.Intersection

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