What is the harm of girls smoking?But don’t learn Ni Hongjie, she doesn’t care if she is 43 years old.

Recently, there is something. I do n’t know if everyone has reacted. It is Ni Hongjie. I believe that everyone will not be unfamiliar with this actor. He is in the "I and My Father", the role of Su TingThe TV series "The Sea of Stars" starring Liu Tao played Liang Xiaoyan, and she could be regarded as a famous actor in the entertainment industry. However, she was recently filmed to smoke at the scene of filming.

That sharp movement and expression, at first glance, I know that it is an old smoke gun. Many people may see that stars like to smoke, and then they learn there, and people who think smoking are cool, especially those girls.After seeing Ni Hongjie’s situation like that, I feel that smoking is very chic, then you think too much. In fact, if you are a girl, the harm of smoking is greater than you think.

First of all, smoking will affect the next generation. If you are a pregnant woman who is pregnant, if you are still smoking during pregnancy, it will affect your child’s face value. The more you smoke, the lower the value of the face.The appearance of beautiful Tianxian, as a result, the child you gave birth to a strange child. Don’t blame others. This is what you made. Smoking will affect the child’s fertility development and even infertile.

This is already good. Smoking will also allow Nichotine to enter your milk through the blood. In disguise, the child will also become a victim of nicotine, and it will also increase the probability of the child’s deformity. Therefore, if you are a pregnant pregnant woman, remember to rememberStay away from cigarettes, and why did Ni Hongjie dare to smoke?It’s simple, do you know how old people are?This year’s full calculation is 43 years old. It is unknown whether it can be given to children. People don’t care at all.

Some people may not be convinced. In addition to Ni Hongjie smoking, Zhou Xun also likes smoking next door. Even Ma Yizhen and Jiang Qinqin like to smoke and stop. Then you still do n’t know the harm of girls smoking. Long -term smoking, whether it is a boy or a boy orGirls can cause the lesions of the respiratory tract. Smoking for a long time will directly lead to the possibility of cancer on the respiratory tract. Once cancer, congratulations, you can hardly cure and can only be removed.

In the end, the biggest harm of smoking may affect your spouse selection. Have you found that girls smoke, no matter how beautiful the girl grows, this girl’s scoring in the eyes of others will be reduced a lot at the same time.Therefore, girls who like to smoke generally do not have a good partner, because in the eyes of boys, girls who smoke are no different from those who have been ladies.

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