What is the moldy food?do you know?#These kinds of food must not be eaten

Food mold refers to the phenomenon of deteriorating food due to organic matter.Mold is a type of silk fungus, commonly known as mold, and is the main creature that causes mold.In nature, there are more than 5,000 types of molds. Humans have classified a variety of molds, understand their growth laws and metabolism characteristics, and know how they breed and produce them.The hair on the surface of the food is the mycelium of the mold, usually colorless.The mature mycelium produces color. White is usually cateric, which can break down protein and make food easier to digest and taste changes.Foods such as wool tofu and bean curd in my country mainly use the fermentation effects of mildem.Green is usually peniculin, which can produce penicillin and is an important antibiotic.Yellow is usually yellow mold, which can produce putelin toxin, which is a very toxic substance.Note that the color of the mold is not an important basis for distinguishing the type. The color of the mycelium changes with the changes in the environmental temperature and humidity.Non -professionals cannot distinguish what kind of mold on the surface of moldy foods belongs to, so it is impossible to determine whether food can be eaten.The mycelium not only grows on the surface of the food, but also may continue to extend inside the food. The mycelium is very thin, and it is impossible to see whether it has spread to the entire food with the naked eye.Therefore, cutting the mold part does not guarantee that other parts are not invaded by mold. Even if there is no mycelium extension, the substances manufactured and secreted by mold are not spread inside the food.Mold is mainly breed through spores, which is a non -propagation method.Sometimes there are black or other colors on the top of moldy foods, which is the spore sac.The mature mold color is actually the color of the spore sac.The spores are emitted from the spore sac to the air.Therefore, if there is moldy food at home, other foods exposed in the air are likely to soon mold.This is what we do not want to see that some rotten foods caused by bacteria may also have food safety problems.Therefore, moldy or rotten foods are best thrown away.

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