What is the normal value of progesterone and HCG in the early pregnancy?And their relationship with abortion!Come and collect

I often see Baoma posting and asking if my HCG and progesterone values are normal. I will share with you today!Generally speaking, women’s pregnancy is 7-8 weeks of progesterone at 24.5-28.6 and HCG value of 6-8 weeks 15000-200,000 units. I think that without any symptoms or no abortion or fetal stopping before, ifHCG and progesterone are low, and they are not necessarily abortion.It is just that the chance will be higher.Once bleeding occurs, you should go to a professional hospital for help. If there have been bad pregnancy history before, monitor progesterone and HCG, and moderate tire protection treatment can also be prevented.

1. What is the normal value of HCG after pregnancy?

On the 6th day of the fertilization, the fertilized egg nourishing layer formed and secreted a small amount of HCG. When the fertilization of the essence of the fertilized eggs on the bed is 7-8 days, the HCG can be detected in the blood. The concentration increases with the increase of the gestational week.The quantity is directly proportional to the number of nourishing cells. The increase in the secretion of early pregnancy increases rapidly. By 8 to 10 weeks of pregnancy, the peak is up to 10%of the peak from 1 to 2 weeks.Therefore, it is difficult to use a single HCG result to judge threatened abortion or ectopic pregnancy. It is best to observe dynamically and follow up closely.

What is the normal value of HCG after pregnancy?During normal pregnancy, the serum HCG value is directly related to the number of pregnancy weeks. Different gestational weeks, the HCG (IU/L) value is of course different, and the trend of positive increasing changes.

The B ultrasound is a method of diagnosis of early pregnancy.Color vaginal B -ultrasound can be seen in the 4 weeks after the last menstruation.Only 6 weeks can be prompted to be pulled by the original heart tube. Only at 7 weeks of pregnancy, you can judge whether the embryo survives according to the unwillingness.

When the ultrasound in early pregnancy is not yet clear, the pregnancy ending is not yet clear, and the pregnancy ending is usually predicted by detecting the blood HCG. Due to its slow growth, double the time, it is even a platform or a downward trend.It can only be concluded for more than hours.

2. What is normal progesterone after pregnancy?

E progression is secreted by nourishing cells and luteum before 8 to 10 weeks of pregnancy, and mainly from the placenta after 8-10 weeks.The amount of progesterone gradually increased during the entire pregnancy, and the rise in the early stages of pregnancy was slow, and the mid -term accelerated, reaching a peak at a full month of pregnancy.Serum progesterone is quite stable within 5 to 12 weeks of pregnancy, and has little to do with pregnancy.

The change in the amount of progesterone is a reliable indicator to measure whether the luteal function and the development of the placenta.Due to the stable blood level in the early pregnancy, no continuous monitoring is required to provide doctors with a diagnosis basis earlier.

Next, let’s understand how the progesterone value of women after pregnancy changes.

For example, the progesterone reference value (Ng/ml) of the 1-3 weeks of a pregnant woman is 4.7-50.7;

The reference value of progesterone (ng/ml) at 4-6 weeks: 19.4-95.3.

In short, under normal pregnancy, the progesterone value should be: 63.4-94.5 during early pregnancy and 95-150 during pregnancy; at 150-1500 during pregnancy.

The level of progesterone is related to the ending of early pregnancy. The serum progesterone level of women with embryos and ectopic pregnancy is significantly lower than those of threatened abortion and normal early pregnancy patients.Periations are 15-25ng/ml, and their pregnancy ending is basically intrauterine pregnancy, but it is easy to occur in early edge abortion.· Welonone is less than 15ng/ml, and its pregnancy ending is mostly ectopic pregnancy or abortion.

Mogoone is greater than 25ng/ml, and its pregnancy ending is mostly normal pregnancy in the palace, and some of them have a pioneering abortion. Generally, after supplementary luteal function, the ending can continue pregnancy.

Therefore, we believe that the possibility of pregnancy failure when progesterone is less than 15ng/ml.Unfortunately, the level of progesterone is low, and it cannot be discerned that it is considered abortion or aborted pregnancy.This requires a combination of color vaginal B -ultrasound to improve the diagnostic rate.

Third, the triangle relationship of natural abortion of progesterone

The serum HCG level of patients with abnormal pregnancy is lower than the normal pregnancy of the same day of pregnancy, and the growth is slow, and it does not even increase or decreases.In early pregnancy, progesterone levels rose with the rise of HCG levels.Once HCG secretion is insufficient in early pregnancy, it will lead to a decrease in the dysalia function of ovarian pregnancy, insufficient progesterone levels, difficulty maintaining normal pregnancy, and eventually causing natural miscarriage.

In short, due to the slow growth of blood HCG, and it takes a certain time to observe, this is easy to cause psychological pressure to pregnant mothers.Performatone has a certain stability, and combined with B -ultrasound examination, it greatly improves the diagnostic rate, and at the same time provides valuable reference significance for predicting early pregnancy ending.Jointly detecting serum HCG and progesterone can judge the prognosis of pregnancy earlier and more accurately, and is significantly better than the individual detection of serum HCG or progesterone.Dynamic monitoring of early pregnancy patients’ serum HCG and progesterone have important clinical significance for guiding therapy and predicting pregnancy ending

Fourth, the synergy of HCG and progesterone is indispensable to protect the fetus

Human chorionic gonad hormones are also known as HCG. Most pregnant women are familiar, because they often go to the hospital to draw blood to test this value.This is because HCG starts to produce six days after pregnancy. At this time, the days when the fertilized eggs are prepared to bed, HCG will stimulate the human body to produce progesterone.Welon is about to ensure the internal environment of the uterus, as much as possible to protect the embryo without being disturbed by external force.

Regarding HCG generating, in fact, when the fertilized eggs are bed, it will extend the branches -like tentacles and grab the uterine wall. These angles are human fleece, and he will form an early placenta.When grasping the uterine wall, some people will have a small amount of bleeding, and there is a slight increase in body temperature. This is the reaction of the uterine wall being traumatized.When the placenta is not mature, these hairs will become more and attached to form a thin film.These choricular membranes are gradually covered with blood vessels, becoming the connection between the initial mother and embryo interaction, and metabolic waste.The growth of this kind of fluff is doubled. Generally speaking, HCG doubles the next day in the early days, so there are no people who test HCG every day. Generally, it is a double number. For example4 days, 6 days, 8 days.

Another important role of HCG is to reduce the rejection of pregnant women.There is a parasite on the body. Generally speaking, the human body’s immune system is to attack, but HCG confuses the mother and tells them that this is safe and your own, so the human immune system will not start.

The synergy of HCG and progesterone, on the one hand, allows the embryo to obtain nutrients, on the other hand to ensure the safety of the embryo, so it is indispensable.HCG has doubled. Because the embryo lacks nutrients, it may be slow or even stopped. Insufficient progesterone, the embryo will be unstable in bed, causing bleeding or even abortion.

Therefore, the above problems are generally checked in the hospital. In addition to taking medicine, quiet care is very important. Static care can make the blood flow as much as possible to the limbs, and the blood flow to the uterus will increase.Then the uterus will not be squeezed by the internal organs, and the embryo is more likely to stabilize when the progesterone is low.

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