What is the rear of the uterus?Is it difficult to get pregnant?

In clinical practice, some cases often encounter, such as: the rear of the uterus, many people may not know this well. The rear of the uterus determines the difficulty of pregnancy to some extent. Let’s introduce it in detail below.

1. What is the rear of the uterus

The so -called uterine posterior is actually a rear uterus, because under normal circumstances, the uterus is pouring forward and forward, and a small number of people are congenital uterus rear, and there is a reason for the sleeping posture. If long -term for a long timeFlat -up can also lead to the posterior uterus.There are also some gynecological diseases, such as chronic pelvic inflammatory disease and pelvic tissue adhesion and pulling, which can pull the uterus to the rear, causing the back position.

2. Can I get pregnant after the uterine rear?

The rear of the uterus will indeed make the chance of pregnancy smaller, because this position can easily cause sperm and egg cells to be difficult to combine, but you can also get pregnant. Doctors suggest that you should raise your hips as much as possible in the same room.Persons with the posterior uterus will cause uterus congestion during pregnancy, cause compression symptoms, lumbar symptoms, and is not harmful to the body.If you want to get pregnant, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination at the tenth day after menstruation during ovulation. To see if the follicles development is good, it can increase the chance of pregnancy.

3. How to correct the rear of the uterus

1. Sleep posture should be adjusted

Many women have a lot to do with sleeping posture. Under the influence of gravity, if the sleeping position keeps supine for a long time, the female uterus will fall backwards, resulting in the uterine leaning.Therefore, if you want to correct the posture of the uterus, you must adjust your sleeping posture first. This is the easiest way.

2. Practice yoga

By practicing yoga, you can not only shape the body shape of the human body, but also restore the uterus to normal positions to treat the symptoms of women’s uterus. There are two main methods:

The first method: Bend your legs and kneel on the ground. The thighs and hips should be separated. The upper body is lying on the ground, the forehead is stuck on the ground, the hips are sitting on the heel, and your hands naturally stretch forward to keep your breath uniformly.

The second method: Put the two pillows on the chair, separate the feet and shoulders to the same width, stand in the front half meters in front of the chair, relax the upper body, pour the upper body forward, the front forehead is close to the arm, and keep breathing evenly.

3. Surgical treatment

This situation refers to the case where the posture of the uterus is very serious. If it does not affect life, it is recommended to use natural therapy, and the side effects are smaller.

4. Factors that cause women to not get pregnant

In fact, the factors that cause women’s difficulty in pregnancy, in addition to the rear of the uterus, there are other factors. The following is a brief introduction to everyone.

1. Endocrine disorders

Many young people now like to stay up late and have irregular diet. They like to eat spicy foods, which can easily lead to metabolism disorders of the body, leading to endocrine disorders and infertility.Because pregnancy requires the combination of sperm and eggs, endocrine disorders can cause irregular ovulation, and naturally affect pregnancy.

2. Donaltic lesions

If there is a problem with the binding channel of sperm and eggs, it will definitely have a great impact on pregnancy.If you confirm that there is a problem with the fallopian tube, you should go to a regular hospital for examination and take some treatment.

3. Caused by emotional fluctuations

If women are under pressure and emotional unstable, their bodies are in a sub -healthy state, which will also cause difficulty in getting pregnant.

In short, the rear of the uterus will indeed lead to a smaller chance of pregnancy. Then, if you want to change, you can try these methods introduced above.

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