What is the uterine cavity effusion?Do you want to treat?

When our bodies feel uncomfortable, we naturally think of going to the hospital to see a doctor, but when the body is uncomfortable?Does it mean that there is no problem?Of course not, many diseases are silent when they first appear. Therefore, doctors usually recommend that you have a regular health checkup. It is aimed at the "healthy crowd" that usually has no conscious symptoms.Early discovery, early processing.

Many units now have the benefits of arranging employees’ health checkups. Under the annual health checkup, some people always find out or large or small problems.As a obstetrician and gynecologist, every year when the women’s disease census, they will always be busy for a while.Women who look at the abnormal results in the medical examination report will always be deeply worried and feel that they must have a bad problem. Among them, the "uterine effusion" is the most common result.So, is there any problem with this result?Today I will answer your questions.

The uterine cavity effusion, as the name suggests, means that there is a liquid volume gathered in the uterine cavity, so the accumulated liquid may be accumulated water, accumulating blood or pus.Some uterine cavity does not mean that it must be sick, it may be physiological, or it may be pathological.

Women who have menstruation may occur after ovulation and clean menstruation shortly after the ovulation and menstruation, which may occur, and can naturally subscribe naturally without special treatment.If the cervical effusion occurs, it is also accompanied by pelvic inflammatory inflammatory disease such as abdominal pain, lower abdomen or fever, then this uterine effusion is considered caused by inflammation, and it needs to be reviewed after anti -inflammatory treatment.

The uterine effusion is not uncommon in women after menopause. As the menopause time is extended, the incidence of uterine cavity effusion in the elderly has a rise.It is reported that the incidence of uterine effusion after menopause is about 10%.

The main causes of uterine effusion after menopause are as follows:

First, the cervical atrophy of the uterine body of the menopause and decreased elastic fiber of the uterine body, and the endometrium has no periodic changes to fall off, which can easily cause neck tube stenosis and adhesion, which causes the uterine cavity to not be discharged and causes the uterine effusion.

Second, after menopause women, due to the decline of ovarian function, decreased estrogen levels, vaginal wall atrophy, thinning mucosa, decreased sugar in the epithelium, decreased local resistance, which can easily cause germsInternal inflammatory exudation cannot be discharged, which causes the uterine effusion.

Let’s look at a real case first, which happened to me.

Patients are an elderly woman in rural areas, 58 years old, menopause for 5 years, and never scientific examinations.This time, because the B -ultrasound discovered the uterine effusion during the gynecological census in the village, she repeatedly instructed she to come to the hospital.After the B -ultrasound is reviewed, the uterine cavity is still prompted. The front and rear diameters are about 5 mm, the sound transparency is poor, the endometrium is 5mm thick, the uterus is slightly increased, and there is no obvious abnormality on the bilateral ovaries.

The outpatient doctor asked the medical history and found that the patient had no irregular vaginal bleeding in the past, and had more severe elderly vaginitis. The gynecological examination had obvious tenderness in the abdominal body. Considering the possibility of endometritis in the uterine, giving antibiotics and other symptomatic treatment, let her review one month laterEssence

One month later, the patient came to the hospital to review the B -ultrasound, prompting that the diameter of the uterine cavity effusion was about 5mm, the sound transparency was 5mm thick, and the uterine ovarian was still the same.During the gynecological examination, the tenderness of the uterine body disappeared, the vaginitis was cured, and the patient felt good at herself. She refused to check further. The doctor had to let her review the B -ultrasound after one month.

One month later, the patient had a clinic again, and the uterine cavity was 8mm. After repeated persuasion, the patient reluctantly conducted a hysteroscopic examination, because the elderly suspected that the hysteroscopy cost was expensive.When the hysteroscopy was used to expand the neck tube, a large amount of turbid yellow viscous liquid flowed out, the uterine cavity was full of pus, and the diagnostic curettage was made at the same time.After 7 days, the test results showed that pathological shows of endometriosis atypical hyperplasia.

so close!The development of the endometrium is endometrial. Fortunately, it is found that it is timely, and the surgery is performed as soon as possible.

Through the above case, everyone should understand that the uterine effusion is found in women after menopause.

When the uterine cavity is found, severe backache, lower abdomen, abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, vaginal bleeding, and vaginal abnormal secretions are symptoms of pathological symptoms. It is definitely not normal. It is necessary to go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.If the uterine cavity is increased and B -ultrasound prompts 5mm, it is also recommended to do further examination.It is recommended to do hysteroscopy, and you can directly see the situation in the uterine cavity to improve the accuracy of diagnosis.

The cost of hysteroscopy is actually not expensive. Compared with their own health, it is really insignificant.

The symptoms of patients with uterine effusion are very different.Some patients do not have obvious symptoms; some patients have symptoms such as fever, abdominal pain, lower abdomen falling, and back pain.

Elderly women have low self -health awareness, high degree of tolerance to the symptoms of discomfort. When there is no severe symptoms, they are generally unwilling to go to the hospital for treatment.

If you are watching this article, the mother or elderly female relatives at home also have such ideas. Be sure to remind them of regular physical examinations and do not ignore their health.(Medical cards have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view)

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