What is your bamboo shoots you eat?Jieyang Putian bamboo shoot

Putian bamboo shoots, specialty products in Jieyang District, Jieyang City, Guangdong Province, China National Geographic Mark Product.Putian Town, Jiedong District has the reputation of Chinese bamboo shoots. The variety of bamboo shoots produced is unique. It is a rare variety of edible bamboo shoots. It has the characteristics of sweet, tender and crispy."Lingnan Mountain Zhen" is known as.On December 21, 2005, the former General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine approved the protection of the implementation of geographical logo products for the "Putian bamboo shoots".

Features of Jiedong Putian bamboo shoots:

Putian bamboo shoots are unique and are rare in China. They are called "Lingnan Mountain Zhen". They have the characteristics of short plants, low branches, dense leaves, large leaves, and high yields.Bamboo bamboo shoots have excellent quality. It has high fiber, low protein, non -fat, contains a variety of amino acids and vitamins. It has the characteristics of delicious flavor and unique flavor. It has the effects of health weight loss and beauty.

The entire production process of bamboo shoots does not need to be applied to pesticides, and it is not polluted. It is green food.

It is hailed as "the first green health food" at home and abroad, and exports are not limited by quotas, and supply in the international market should not be required.

How to eat bamboo shoots: In order to lock the deliciousness on the tip of the tongue, in addition to the use of technology, wise people also often use ancient methods such as pickles, air -dried, and sun exposure., Sometimes even more mellow and delicious

In addition to fresh food and dried bamboo shoots, most of them are used to make "clear water bamboo shoots", commonly known as canned bamboo shoots.

Bamboo shoots have maintained the characteristics of fresh bamboo shoots, tenderness, freshness, and refreshing through the production of industrial cans. The price is cheap and easy to eat.

Putian bamboo shoots are exported abroad in large quantities, exported to Japan, the United States and other places.

Of course, Putian bamboo shoots can be used as oily bamboo shoots, shredded pork fried bamboo shoots, Hangan Sanxian, oil -spring bamboo shoots and other foods.

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