What kind of folic acid is prepared for pregnancy, when is folic acid the best, the role of folic acid

Folic acid has a preventive effect on neural tube deformities, which has also been recognized by the world. Do you know about folic acid? Folic acid is also called vitamin B9, which is a water -soluble vitamin.Folic acid has a great effect on women who are preparing for pregnancy, or expectant mothers who are new to pregnancy. Then, what folic acid is eaten during pregnancy, when is folic acid eat the best, and what is the role of folic acid. These problems have become pregnant mothers.What are the precautions for eating folic acid?

The lack of folic acid will not only reduce the production of sperm, but also reduce the chance of conception, and even lead to male infertility. Scientists have found that it is also important to supplement folic acid during pregnancy.What folic acid is prepared for pregnancy, both husband and wife can eat more green vegetables and fruits rich in folic acid, such as spinach, lettuce, dragon beard vegetables, rapeseed, carrots, strawberries, bananas, oranges, apples, kiwi, etc.

when is the best timing to consume Folic Acid?

Sisters who prepare for pregnancy, eat a piece of 0.4mg folic acid daily. It is recommended to take after breakfast. Women generally recommend preparing to start supplementing folic acid 3 months before pregnancy.During the development of the fetal central nervous system.It should be noted that men can supplement folic acid during pregnancy. After the woman is pregnant, the man does not have to eat it.

The role of folic acid, the effect and effect of folic acid tablets, prevent fetal neurophastin (brain deformed, spinal baptism), and prevent birth defects such as fetal heart disease and other body surface malformations.

Prevent pregnant women, breasts and fetal anemia.Folic acid is required to create normal red blood cells.Reduce baby mortality.Reduce pregnancy reactions.Chronic cardiovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease can be prevented.

Simply taking folic acid increase agents can not only effectively prevent neural tube malformations, but also reduce the occurrence of 15%congenital heart disease, thereby reducing the mortality of newborn by 20%.

Therefore, obtaining sufficient folic acid is particularly important for the rapidly growing placenta and babies.

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